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  • Oddly enough, Keith and Sven's gratitude to the ugly vulture's that helped the team escape imprisonment in episode 1, "Space Explores Captured".
    Keith: Vultures may not be very attractive, but they gave us a hand and we should be grateful.
    Sven: I'll always think they're beautiful.
  • The ending of the seventh episode, "The Lion has New Claws". When the rest of the Voltron Force has happily accepted Allura as the new pilot of the Blue Lion.
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  • "The Witch Gets a Facelift", after Haggar's escape, Queen Orla is located and recovered safe and sound. She's then embraced by a very relieved Allura, and welcomed the Castle of Lions.
  • "The Green Medusa", while also a tearjerker. The alien-turned Robeast Anga siding with the Voltron Force when she spots Pidge and decides to "adopt" him.
  • In episode 30, "The Sleeping Princess". Allura is (pretending to be) killed by a magic dagger. The funeral scene is touching, with each member of the Voltron Force thinking about what Allura means to them and how they'd feel if she really was gone.
  • Romelle's first meeting with Sven in the episode "There Will Be a Royal Wedding". Sven is a very different man from the heroic Voltron pilot he was. His newfound cynicism stemming from his having been captured by Zarkon's forces. Romelle assures Sven he's still the good person he used to be.
    Romelle: You're Sven of Blue Lion.
    Sven: How dare you! Who do you think you are, coming here and talking about Sven? There is no Sven!
    Romelle: Why are you saying that?
    Sven: Because the Sven you speak of is gone. He was nothing but a failure. A failure...
    Romelle: No, that's not true. Sven was no failure.
    • Keith and the rest of the Voltron Force happiness when they receive Sven's first transmission.
  • In the "Fleet of Doom" special, the Lion Force team reminiscing about their friends from the Vehicle force.
    • Allura's belief that in spite of everything, Haggar is still the good person at heart that she used to be. Even when she's being held as hostage by the old witch.
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  • The season 2 episode "Who Was That Masked Man?", has Sven and Romelle thinking about each other.
    Sven: Romelle, how I long to share my dreams with you, ah, but I am only a pilot.
    Romelle: Sven, I know how you feel about me and I feel the same way about you.
  • When Sven takes his place in Blue Lion one last time during Lotor's attack on Galaxy Garrison in "Who's Flyin' Blue Lion". Neither he nor Allura are resentful or bitter about the situation and remain on good terms.
    Sven: I hope you don't mind I'm in Blue Lion.
    Allura: Course not Sven, we're all on the same side.
  • In season 2 episode 13 "A Ghost of a Chance", when Lotor saved Allura from being killed by Merla. This was probably the only time that Lotor proved that he did truly love Allura.
  • In "To Soothe the Savage Robeast", Keith spends most of his own birthday looking for flowers for Allura.
    • Lotor meeting with Keith in order to save Allura from being poisoned.
    Lotor: We may not like each other, but neither of us wants to see the princess hurt.
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  • Near the end of "Doom Girls on the Prowl", Alfor's ghost visits Allura. Alfor even indicates that he approves of Keith and Allura's feelings for each other.

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