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Heartwarming / Violent Night

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

A violent Christmas film it may be, but there's still moments that can make a Grinch's heart grow bigger.

  • While it ends with her getting covered by Santa's drunken vomit, the British bartender is mesmerized to witness Santa lifting off.
    • Santa is joined by a Mall Santa at the pub. While Santa has become bitter and cynical over the commercialization of the holiday, the Mall Santa still believes in the happiness that children feel for Christmas and offers to pay for Santa's tab because he can't stand seeing a fellow Santa so depressed.
  • On one of his runs, Santa finds a little girl sleeping in a crib near a drunken and clearly neglectful father. He gives the girl a present while leaving her dad a lump of coal, and takes his six pack of beer.
  • Trudy and Santa's relationship is genuinely cute. Despite becoming cynical over the commercialization of Christmas, Santa is willing to save her. In turn, Trudy lifts his spirits and rekindles his love for the holiday.
  • It's shown that despite being at it for at least 1,100 years, Santa remembers and knows everybody's Christmas wishes, demonstrating that for as cynical as he's become he does genuinely care for everybody he's delivering to. Santa recalls in near-perfect detail Trudy's wish for a best friend when she was four years old and also directly calls each mercenary by their real names and remembers what they wanted for Christmas as children, which genuinely makes it sad when he sincerely apologizes for not helping Scrooge (aka Jimmy) when his life got ruined over a horrible misunderstanding.
  • Jason taking a stand to his domineering Rich Bitch mother Gertrude by stealing the $300 million dollars of blood money in her safe finally earns her respect (maybe even love), so much so that she does not object to him burning an entire bag of it to keep Santa warm and alive as he lies bleeding to death in the snow. It helps that she is likely grateful for him saving her family's life, and that "only" half a million of it was burnt.
  • Santa reveals to Trudy that he and Mrs. Claus have been together for 1,100 years and that his own wish was to tell his wife how much he loves her.
    • When his sled of reindeer return to Santa with his spare sack, his wife had also put his old hammer, Skullcrusher, in there with a cute note.
  • As Trudy declares that she still believes in Santa, and always will, after he gave his life to protect the Lightstones, Linda tearfully agrees "He saved our entire family; what is more real than that?", to which Jason also joins his wife in believing in the Jolly Saint. And Gertrude of all people, in a completely uncharacteristic display of warmth and kindness, sincerely declares "I believe in him too", with her grandson Bert adding "Me too." Finally, after a Beat of reluctance, Alva's cynicism cracks as she snaps "Fuck! Okay I believe in him too!" Such was their love and faith in Santa that the nebulous forces of "Christmas Magic" brought him back to life on the spot.
    • The icing on the cake are the warm and loving smiles on every Lightstone, the normally cynical Gertrude and Alva in particular, as they waved Santa goodbye flying into the night on his sled. They may be far from perfect, but if even Nicomund the Red can turn from a mass murdering Viking Warrior into The Herald of Kindness and Joy, this moment shows that the Lightstones too have hope to change for the better.