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Heartwarming / Vienna Teng

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  • ''Lullaby For a Stormy Night" never fails to provide warm and fuzzy feelings.
    "Everything's fine in the morning; the rain'll be gone in the morning...; But you'll / I'll still be here in the morning."
  • Anna Rose.
  • City Hall.
    And if they take it away again some day, this beautiful thing won't change.
  • In Another Life. After all the pain and tragedy of the other lives, this one is good.
  • The Atheist Christmas Carol. It's a song about hope in mankind and You Are Not Alone.
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  • St. Stephen's Cross.
    She found him standing, looking lost
    In the shadow of St. Stephen's cross,
    And he closed his eyes and heard no sound
    But her breathing warm against his mouth.
  • Arguably Passage swings back to this, albeit reminding one that life will be bittersweet. The narrator didn't die in vain - they found and fixed the fatal defect in her car and now no one will die like she did. Her mother and sister make it through the grieving process. Her lover moves on and marries someone else (with one interpretation being that the lover and sister marry each other after bonding over their shared grief).
  • Level Up never fails to make you feel better about life.
  • For all its slightly-creepy jabs at the food industry, "Landsailor" is still unmistakably a love song.
    I want to be your bride in full
    Shield my eyes no more

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