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Heartwarming / Unwelcome Stormís Hunter

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  • Taylor (8): Taylor brings art supplies for Gehrman and sewing materials for the Doll, so they'd have something to do there, even when neither asked. They both appreciated it. Likewise, before being discovered, she was researching paints she could give Alfred to paint his prayer candles with.
  • Taylor (12): Taylor hears Gehrman crying in his sleep, begging to wake from the dream. Her first inclination is to hug him until he calms down. Her second is to start looking into how to free him from the Hunter's Dream.
    I crept up closer, and stood behind the old man's chair, and wrapped my arms around him. In time, he quieted, and his breaths came slow and smooth. There were hundreds of graves here. But mine would not join them, not until I'd done everything I could to see my friend and mentor wake up.
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  • PRT (14): Gascoigne's daughter made it to the Chapel alive thanks to Eileen.

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