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Heartwarming / Unexpected Surprise

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  • When Adrien first observes Marinette with her daughter at work, the kid had just cut up some important project her mother had just finished. Adrien is scared senseless, trying to think how he can spare his child from the severe punishment he would have received from his father for such a thing... then Marinette hugs Emma, reassures her it's okay, and asks another employee to warn Gabriel about the delay.
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  • Adrien spends a lot of time thinking how to reveal the truth to Marinette, but wastes absolutely none before starting to spoil the kid. She takes a liking to him immediately.
  • When the two finally reveal the truth, there are a lot of tears exchanged, but both realize no blame can be pinned on anyone, and make up.
  • When Adrien tries to make Marinette go to sleep:
    “You need to rest, Marinette.”
    “I will. Later. Now I want to stay with you.”
    “I’m not going anywhere,” Adrien leaned closer and nuzzled her forehead. “You have my heart and my baby-“ He suddenly paused. “Marinette, I know about- about Emma but can I- can I hear that from you?”
    “She is yours, Adrien,” Marinette smiled through her sleepy, lingered gaze. “Emma is your child. I’ve never-“
    She couldn’t finish as Adrien pulled her back into a bone-crushing hug. “Thank you,” he murmured. “I know it's weird but there is something special about hearing it from you.”
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  • When Marinette wakes up the next day and neither Adrien nor Emma is home, she is thinking all kinds of worst case scenarios. A minute later, both return, and as soon as the misunderstanding is cleared up, Adrien reassures her that no matter how much he loves Emma, he would never kidnap her because he can't be happy with just one of them in his life.
  • When Adrien and Marinette discuss Gabriel, it turns out he is unusually warm to Emma, more than he ever was to Adrien, and literally showers her with gifts. Turns out (well, the reader finds out earlier), that he figured out the truth as soon as he saw her... and as soon as a DNA test confirmed the truth, had changed his will to leave half his estate to her, along with promoting Marinette (after making sure she had no Gold Digger intentions). As soon as the matter is cleared up, Adrien hugs his father, and brings in Emma to tell her she now, like everyone, has two Granddads.
    • Earlier, we see how Gabriel's first meeting with Emma went. It was Emma's birthday, which also happens to coincide with Emilie's, so Gabriel tends to be particularly sad on that date. Emma, after sneaking out of Marinette's room, notices that, and hands him one of her presents so that he won't be sad (a pink teddy bear which we later learn Gabriel had a habit of giving to his wife on her birthday). A few hours later, he summons Marinette and Emma to his office. Marinette is worried she is going to be fired for her daughter disturbing Gabriel. Instead, he gives the girl a Barbie Doll wearing one of his designs.
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  • The pages are interspersed with fan pics of the characters. Kid included. Just try not to smile.

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