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Heartwarming / Ultimate X-Men

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  • Magda Lensherr and Wolverine's actions to ensure that their son, Jimmy Hudson, wasn't turned into a weapon by Handing him over to the Hudsons.
  • Magneto, who was temporarily an amnesiac and living under a new identity, encouraging Xavier after he attempted to disband the X-Men and quit his dreams of human-mutant cohabitation after the death of his son, Proteus. It showed that beyond the malevolence and anti-human prejudice, the life-long friendship and compassion for Xavier still exists within Magneto.
    • The kicker is when Magneto says he's still holding onto a ticket to one of Xavier's speakings just in case he changes his mind. Xavier is so touched that he didn't have to brainwash his old friend into buying them that it drives him to tears.

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