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Heartwarming / Ultimate Sleepwalker

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  • When Rick was trying to deal with his anger and resentment at Sleepwalker becoming trapped in his mind, he became cold and distant to his friends, who began considering him a Jerkass. But when Rick's life falls apart for a second time after his parents are killed and he suffers a nervous breakdown, they come to help him when he needs them the most.
    Julia: Are you going to be...
    Rick:...Do you know if they've told Bobby and Leah yet?
    Cyrus: No, we don’t. They might have, but we haven’t heard anything yet.
    Rick: You haven't heard anything...Wait, what-you’ve been here the whole time?
    Kenny: Come on, man, what did you expect? We’ve been holding the fort. Wouldn’t you do the same for us?
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  • The Ringer's utter devotion to his wife Leila. He even bribes the prison staff with reparations to arrange romantic evenings with her - can we just say "awwww"?
  • Red's declaration that he would like to meet Sleepwalker to shake his hand - because superheroes are basically soldiers doing their best to serve and protect their country, and they don't get thanked enough. The best thing? He actually gets to do that when Rick comes clean and introduces Sleepwalker to his friends.
    • Red's admiration for Sleepwalker takes a bittersweet tinge when Sleepy's Heroic Sacrifice inspires Red to become a Marine, someone who will help the best he can. In honour of the alien who helped humanity the best he could.
  • A Marine sergeant saves Sleepwalker from Lightmaster to repay a favour the alien did to him: namely, saving the soldier's future girlfriend from a would-be rapist.
    Sleepwalker: I did nothing but adhere to my own personal responsabilities.
    Bobby Cameron: Hey, it meant a lot more than that to Jessica. Without you... God, she didn't even want to think about it. Do you even realize how much it meant to her?
  • In a convoluted way, the Bookworm's final fate: sure, he's crazy without the slightest chance of cure... yet seeing him childishly enjoy his mental world full of dancing princesses and good spirits straight out of a fairy tale is strangely cute.

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