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Scott Cofer. Charming, funny, scary as all hell...and very emotional.

  • Unlike some other youtube kids, Scott is very overwhelmed when talking about his subscribers and his fanbase. Even a couple hundred subscribers makes him feel like he has the best fans in the world.
  • Some of his videos can go from hilarious to making you weep tears of joy.
  • Although you wouldn't expect it to happen here, part 1 of his Clicker Heroes let's play also crosses over with Tear Jerker. Throughout the video, Scott talks about how he didn't expect to get anywhere on youtube, and how much his subscribers mean to him, as well as talking about his plans for the future, which includes making youtube his job. Then he realizes he can't beat the boss of level 15.
  • Many of his milestone vlogs.
    • The recently released "400 SUBSCRIBERS" is a toss-up between this and Tear Jerker.
  • A video where he tells the backstory of his two cats, Pete and Lucy. You can tell that he really loves them.
  • Scott and Nathaniel's brother-like relationship.

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