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Heartwarming / Uhura's Song

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  • Early in the story, Uhura is in Spock's quarters listening to Eeiauon songs to try and find the Sivoan homeworld. Exhausted, she nods off and then wakes up with a frustrated "Oh, damn!" and immediately apologies to Spock for her emotional outburst. Spock assures her he wasn't offended, and asks that she act more human around him, instead of trying to hold in her emotions in like a Vulcan.
    Spock: "...I find I prefer the unique Uhura, to the counterfeit Vulcan. May we agree to behave as our uniqueness dictates?"
    • And the reason she was trying to hold in her emotions? She is genuinely sorry that so many aboard, even Jim, try to get Spock to act "human", though in fact he is not human, he is different, and they have no right to expect him to act in the way they consider normal. She was trying to not go the same path.
  • When it is discovered that the disease can spread to humans, the crewmembers who had been exposed are to be shifted to another ship.Every single one of them offers to beam down to planetside and help the medical teams there instead of remaining in the comparative safety of the ship's sickbay.This, despite the fact that if they go into quarantine now, they only have a possibility of getting sick, if they go down to the planet they'll certainly be infected.

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