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Heartwarming / Uglies

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  • After the Specials have destroyed Smoke, the prisoners all kick off their shoes because they know Tally is free and they want to help them in any way they can.
  • When pretty-fied Shay refuses to take the rudimentary cure that Maddy has devised, Maddy decides not to force her, since after what happened to Az she doesn't want to perform experiments without informed consent.
  • Tally decides to turn herself in and become "pretty" so that she can be the test subject for the cure.


  • David has forgiven Tally for betraying the Old Smoke.
  • Andrew Simpson's Smith kindness towards Tally and thinking she is a god because of her looks and her last name, Youngblood.


  • Shay saving Tally from the forced surgery that would induce Brought Down to Normal.
  • David hasn't given up on Tally at all, and joins her in the wilderness as she embarks on a lonely quest to save the world from destroying itself.



  • The ending, where although she still mourns Zane's death, Tally and David begin a relationship.

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