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Heartwarming / Uber Haxor Nova

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  • In the most hilarious show of heartwarming ever, Nova plays Happy Wheels with his mom.
  • In a recent episode Kootra found the old treehouse when he decided to venture off from the new one they built. Nostalgia ensues.
  • Episode 38 of Quad Mountain Survival. Nova gets sucked into a tornado , dies, gets back in the tornado, unable to do anything as his house is destroyed. He lands in the water, and sees Dr. Pepper. He spends the whole episode getting Dr. Pepper back to the house.
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  • Any time Nova's dog, Ein, is in a video, you know it's going to be adorable. This is especially prevalent in the "Bark Box" videos, which is all about Nova opening the titular boxes, revealing new toys and treats for Ein.
  • During an episode of "Wrong Side of YouTube," Nova and Immortal HD come across a video where the user talks about the best kind of shoes to wear while playing Pokémon GO; they immediately notice that the user has no eyebrows. At first, James and Aleks comment on how weird it looks, until they find another video where the user explains that he has trichtotillomania note . The guys immediately backpedal and apologize, saying that it's not something to be made fun of.


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