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Heartwarming / UFO Robo Grendizer

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  • Daisuke telling how after having fled his world, turned into a radioactive wasteland, he has found a new home on Earth.
  • Hikaru and Daisuke watching the Moon as he plays the guitar.
  • Daisuke and Maria hugging after finding out they were siblings.
  • In the second-to-last episode, Duke is washing the horses' backs, wondering if it will be the last time he does this, when Danbei all of sudden interrupts him telling he should not be to doing this because he has more important things to think about and get worried about, and he will take care of the horses. Keeping in mind Danbei harassed Duke at the beginning of the series, nagging him to work harder and blowing his top every time he saw him near from his daughter, it was heartwarming seeing so concerned about Duke and pleading him have a break from the ranch work.


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