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Heartwarming / Tyrant

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Season 2

  • Barry and Sammy's reunion towards the end of season 2. Barry never thought he'd see his family again.

Season 3

  • Early in season 3, Ahmed is forced to bury Nusrat in an unmarked grave for utterly shitty reasons - his mother is running for President, and doesn't want the public to be reminded that her daughter-in-law shot the previous President and was later herself killed by Leila's overzealous flunkies. However, Sammy and Emma show up for the funeral to lend him support, and later, Bassam orders that Nusrat be given a proper burial.
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  • Bassam and Ahmed's growing relationship is full of this, as they learn that Bassam is actually Ahmed's father. After everything they lose over the course of the season, at least they can depend upon each other.
  • In the penultimate episode, Nafisa is pressured by her terrorist brother to poison Al-Qadi. She can't bring herself to do it, of course. How does he react to learning that his beloved wife nearly killed him? He forgives her. On a show that often seems like a parade of horrible people doing horrible things to each other for horrible reasons, Al-Qadi is a breath of fresh air.

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