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  • Jo sticking up for Danny at the school assembly in the Pilot.
  • In the second episode:
    Jo: I couldn't help you five years ago, but I can now.
    (Danny is visibly moved by Jo's earnestness.)
  • In the tenth episode, Jo defending Danny.
  • In "Out with the In Crowd", Jo telling Rico, "I could never hate you." Rico manages to almost bugger that up not ten seconds later by awkwardly telling her he's in love with her.
  • "Sins of the Father":
    • Danny is vindicated as the police prove Danny could not have killed Regina Crane.
    • Rico reconnecting with Jo over their homework nights at the cafe.
  • In "Home is Where the Hurt Is", Charlie making Jo laugh, as well as seeming to genuinely want to give Danny a leg up in exchange for Danny not spreading rumors about his origins. It turns out to be a Mood Whiplash in light of the fact that Charlie is actually a teensy bit over-obsessed with Jo.
  • In "Danny Indemnity", Danny deciding on the spot to spring for the tickets so his five closest friends/acquaintances can go to the charity ball and make Andie (Rico's new girlfriend) happy.
  • In "The Son Also Falls", Charlie and Jo chatting at her door.
    Charlie: 'Night, Just Jo.
    • Later, Jo all but throwing the election to Andie, by communicating Andie's embarrassment, stage fright, and passion better than Andie herself did and making the audience see why they should vote for her.
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  • In "You're a Good Man, Charlie Mc Bride", Jo making it clear to Charlie she doesn't care about the fact that he was embarrassed to admit he was actually living at the horse stables.
  • In "Danny, Interrupted", Whitney and Lacey talking about the kiss they shared and Whitney telling Lacey that while she's obviously interested in girls, the ball is in Lacey's court for the next move. Later, when Lacey and Whitney kiss again, and they realize the vibe isn't there for a relationship, they amicably agree to let things be and continue as friends.
  • In "A Tale of Two Confessions":
    • Andie tells Rico her parents want to meet him.
    • Jack takes Danny's regrets and apologies in stride and doesn't hold anything against Danny. Likewise with Karen when he goes to see her after being released on bail. It later is harshly averted when the show reveals that he is, in fact, very forgiving of ten million bucks and a stable, middle-class lifestyle and has some kind of Long Game set up with his daughter.

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