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Heartwarming / 28 Days Later

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  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it subtle one, but when Frank wakes Jim from a nightmare, Jim mumbles, "Thanks, Dad" before he goes back to sleep.
  • Just moments after narrowly avoiding being torn apart by a mob of infected, Jim, Frank, Hannah, and Selena head to the nearest supermarket to raid it for supplies. Is it dark and ashen and filled with infected? Nope, in fact, the fluorescent lights are still on, and the store is largely untouched. The group then proceeds to just goof off and have fun like the outbreak had never happened. Oh yeah, and it's all set to this.
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  • Frank spending his last moments to tell his daughter he loves her.
  • "That was longer than a heartbeat."
  • The group spotting a herd of wild horses.
  • "Do you think they saw us this time?" Judging by the fact that the Jet pilot said bring in a chopper, it would be safe to say yes!.
  • In a twisted way, Selena stuffing Hannah full of Valium; even when they're going to be raped, she cares more about Hannah's well-being than her own. When Hannah asks if she's trying to kill her, she answers, "No, sweetheart; I'm making it so you won't care. "
  • Laconic, standoffish Sergeant Farrell trying desperately to protect Jim, Selena, and Hannah from the other soldiers. Doesn't matter if he's outnumbered ten to one, he does it anyway.
  • Major West comforting the dying Jones after arriving back at the mansion where two zombified soldiers are wreaking mayhem.
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  • The fact that the film's final ending has Jim survive and get rescued alongside Hannah and Selena. A much needed Happy Ending after everything that happened.

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