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Heartwarming / 12 Years a Slave

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  • Bass agreeing to deliver Solomon's letter. Hell, all the scenes featuring Bass qualify.
  • Also, Solomon finally meeting up with his family at the end and shedding tears of relief and joy.
    Solomon: I…apologize for my appearance. But I have had a difficult time these past several years.
  • At the end, Solomon's offspring have grown up and Anne has gotten a child of her own. The child was named "Solomon Northup Staunton", meaning that even after 12 years, Solomon's family never forgot him. At this point, Solomon openly breaks down crying and apologising, with Anne telling him that there's nothing to apologise for.
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  • Solomon's relief and joy upon seeing that a sheriff has arrived with Mr. Parker and that they've come to free him from Epps, meaning Bass pulled through.
    Sheriff: Do you know this man?
    Solomon: That's... that's Mr. Pa—! That's Mr. Parker!
  • Solomon and Patsey sharing an embrace before Solomon leaves the plantation to return home.

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