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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Near the end of chapter 8, Rose has another encounter with Phillis who claims she wants to sell her a watch. Rose is upset and desperate because no one is willing to believe or help her with her alien story, but when Phillis mentions that she's lonely where she is currently, Rose apologizes for snapping at her and offers to buy a watch. It's nice to see her trying to be kind, even when she is overwhelmed with problems herself.
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  • Chapter 15 and 16, where Rose goes with Hue on the Grey spaceship, and they finally get some time to just talk about their lives, banter playfully, and spend time with each other.
  • EBE1, callous as he may be, allowed Hue to keep the puppy.
  • Don and Longus near the end of chapter 17. Longus has told Don all there is to know about him, and Don just accepts it all basically like: "So, you're an alien? But you're still gay, right? 'kay, let's cuddle!"
  • The intro of chapter 19, where EBE1 visits Phillis at the infirmary after she got hurt. They have a genuinely sweet talk in which he asks her to accompany him when he leaves Area 51 to return to his people. He promises to make life on the spaceship comfortable for her, and Phillis is excited about the idea and holds his hand.
    Phillis: Do you just live in space now?
    EBE1: Yes.
    Phillis: Do you like it?
    EBE1: No.
    Phillis: Do you like anything?
    EBE1: You.
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  • Quazky barely knows Rose and has a tendency to say some really misguided things about her, but when she comes out of the Nordic ship crying, he immediately jumps to her defense. When Fatima tries to shoot him down by saying that Reptoids don't even care for their children, he responds by saying that maybe he and Fatima aren't so different before going to comfort Rose.

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