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Heartwarming / Tripping Over You

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  • Young Liam is grouchy after he had to cut his hair beause his father said it "made him look like a poof". Milo promptly cheers him up by saying it looks good either way.
  • The kiss at the end of the Halloween party, with which Milo and Liam seal their relationship.
  • Liam admits that he feels better when Milo is at least a bit affectionate with him — and Milo is happy enough to be just that.
  • Liam finding it genuinely amusing and endearing to see Milo act in the school theater play.
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  • Ally standing up for Milo against the homophobic bullies at school, ready to kick ass.
  • Milo always turns into a total Cuddle Bug around Liam.
  • Milo's telling Liam "I love you" for the first time, both casual and absolutely genuine.
  • After they had sex, Milo makes a comment on Liam's therapy, on which he reacts sourly and the mood seems ruined. Then however, they cuddle up to each other, Liam apologizes, and they fall asleep together.
  • Milo's obvious happiness about getting to introduce Liam to his father as his boyfriend.
  • "Can I just get a hug?" — and Milo looks just so very happy to get to hug Liam.
  • Liam tells Milo about his regrets that he took so long to get close to him, about all the opportunities they had in school to easily be close to each other and feels are wasted now that graduation is near. Milo assures him that they'll be alright after school just as much.
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  • Liam apologizing to Milo for his paranoia keeping them from actually dating because they mostly hid away in locked rooms for some time together, and him promising to get better.
  • "Hey, lump. Kiss me goodbye."
  • Milo making coffee for his little sister Mina just so she can try it once, and then having a heart-to-heart talk with her about boarding school. It's a beautiful moment of siblings sharing something of their mindscape and feelings.
  • After they'd had a strenuous weekend together including a serious argument about their relationship, Milo brings Liam home, seeing him off with a smile... upon which Liam gives him a very sweet kiss on the cheek and says "wish me luck". Dizzy by the kiss, Milo says "good luck!", even though he hasn't realized that Liam is about to do a difficult step in order for them to stay together — coming out to his father.
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  • One big, long Heartwarming Moment: Liam and Eli at the hospital, finally, finally talking more warmly. Liam shows sympathy for his father's exhaustion after the long day, and Eli, instead of reinforcing his control compulsiveness and overbearingness, explains to his son that he worries about him and wants him to take a safe path in life so he'll be happy. Liam even apologizes for unloading all of his secrets and wishes on Eli at once, on which Eli replies that in time they can talk about all matters. Liam expresses his joy and pride that Eli handles it all unexpectedly well, and even shows Eli a picture of his boyfriend. Then there's the warm smile on Liam's face as he talks about / texts with Milo, and Eli silently acknowledging that Milo makes Liam happy.
  • Upon taking a look at a flat they might want to move into, Milo admits to Liam how stressed he is by the fact that Liam's father came along, as he's sure that Eli hates him. Liam calms him down as Eli's aloof behavior is completely the norm for him, and reveals that Eli himself has been nervous about meeting his son's boyfriend — he's been practicing for their meeting, and now he's doing his best to get a good deal for them to rent the flat on.
  • Hebert advises Milo to buy wine and flowers to appease Liam after he painted the entire flat on his own. Milo knows his boyfriend better and gets him a coffeemaker instead.
  • At the same time Archie thought about proposing to Ally and bought her a ring, Ally apparently bought a ring for him, too, and she just about beat him in making the proposal.
  • Once Milo finally admits how stressed out he is lately and how much everything (jobs, university, moving in with Liam, the awkward situation with Hebert, constant critique from all sides) is eating away at him, Liam tells him that he's really proud of Milo for how he's not just quitting when things get difficult.
  • Archie's and Ally's wedding ceremony. Archie is dying of nervousness, repeating to himself "everything is fine, everything is alright" over and over. When Ally is led up the aisle, the moment he sees her and she smiles at him, Archie calms down immediately, all of his nervousness giving way to a happy smile, and he says: "Everything is okay."
  • Liam's wedding speech, in which he acknowledges that Archie, despite being young, definitely knows what he's doing and will certainly be happy. He also notes that Archie was perceptive enough to see that Liam was in love (with Milo) three years before Liam himself understood it — that statement makes Milo cry with happiness.
  • After Liam's toast, he goes to look for Milo and finds him outside on the balcony, where they talk and then get to dance quietly far-off the loud party.

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