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"This is your destiny. Reach out...and save the future."
  • From episode 1, "Fallen". Coby, Bud and Lori helping the injured Landmine simply because he needed help. A good start to what would become a long standing friendship.
  • Even though the words Landmine throws at Hot Shot in "Hero" were beyond harsh, and both Clocker and Red Alert criticized his choice of words. Vector Prime was there to get them to understand that what he said was actually to ignite a spark inside the poor bot - by getting him angry, he hoped it would snap him out of his depression. It worked.
  • Episode 16 "Detour". The moment when Overhaul defended a wounded Snarl from Scourge's fire-breath attack, using himself as a shield.
    • Not to mention it was awesome enough to get him a free upgrade to Leobreaker.
  • When Leobreaker explained his backstory in episode 21, "Honor". About when he was Overhaul back on Cybertron. How he used work alone and did enjoy the praise it brought. That is until one day, he overheard some bots talking about how they didn't want to be partnered with him. All because of his apparent hot-dogging and lack of regard for others (which is ironically the exact opposite reason he wanted to work alone in the first place, he was just really Hot-Blooded when trying to protect others). Now working alone out of bitterness, Overhaul was later caught beneath a collapsing wall during a battle. He believed himself done for, until Optimus Prime suddenly arrived to rescue him. Turns out Optimus had always been there to watch his back, he was just modest enough to stay out of sight unless Overhaul was in a tight spot.
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  • It's a little silly but in episode 22, the moment when Scourge first called Lori "Little Sister" might count. It was surprisingly adorable.
  • In episode 23, the Autobots try to get the newly acquired Jungle Planet Key back home they come up with a clever scheme. Everyone of them will carry with them a box that may or may not hold the key inside. Then they'll all split-up to try and spread the Decepticon forces thin and make it back though the portal to Earth. Thing is, only Optimus knows who has the Key. In the end, it turns out he doesn't have it, Leobreaker does! A fact that surprised him just as much as anyone.
  • Even if their voices did sound a little... silly, I liked watching Menasor and Metroplex make up thanks in part to thier Mini-Con's in episode 45 "Scourge".
  • Coby and Lori's wedding, with Colonel Franklin (presumably a Lieutenant General by this point) and Lucy Suzuki attending, with Colonel/General Franklin holding what is presumably their infant child.
    • Also, earlier in episode 49:
      Optimus Prime: Coby, you are far from home, and I should never have brought you with us...But I'm glad I did. You kids have meant so much to the team. A challenge at first, but so curious, so full of life, so ready for adventure. You were a constant reminder of just how important our mission was - and still is. I know we'd never have made it this far without you. I must go now, Coby.
      Coby: Fly fast, I'll guide you.
      Optimus Prime: Okay.
      Coby: I'll be your eyes.
      Cue this bit blending with a Moment of Awesome.
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  • Vector Prime's You Are Not Alone moment with Optimus Prime during the final battle also deserves mention.
  • After Primus turns back into the planet Cybertron again, the planet surface now sports a slightly more organic look. Almost as if it was Primus way of saying thank-you to the kids for helping to save everyone.
  • Rad, Carlos, Alexis and Kicker showing up in episode 52, "Beginning".
  • In a way, Optimus Prime's final blow on Galvatron. For all the monstrosities he had committed, Optimus still felt it only right to acknowledge his Worthy Opponent before he perishes.
    Optimus: You fought well. Goodbye, Galvatron.
  • The Reveal of Colonel Franklin's motivations for trying to find out about the Autobots; it is initially presented as though he want's to experiment on them or something equally sinister like many similar shadowy government types in science fiction (We're lookin' at you, Agent Bishop from TMNT 2003!), but in reality he is looking for Evac, who saved him from drowning in a raging river as a youngster, simply to say thank you.

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