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Heartwarming / Toy Hammer

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Here are a few of the more touching moments from Toy Hammer:

  • Pretty much any time Zara's 'timid' personality (AKA little/cute-Zara), being the dumping ground for every one of Zara's insecurities and worries, starts breaking down, having her Cry Cute moment, and Michael comforting her.
  • Also, during the battle with Chaos, Commissar Tomas seeking Ishabeth's safety. One wouldn't think this to be that fuzzy, but then again, consider what the Commissariat of this setting usually are...
    • Tomas gets another one in the same chapter; before he rescues Ishabeth, Tomas and some shotgun-toting Guardsmen save a squad of Howling Banshees from being overwhelmed by a horde of cultists, but it doesn't stop there. The Commissar actually helps up a clearly shaken Banshee and hands her a soul-stone belonging to one of her fallen comrades, allowing the Banshee to regain her composure. He even helps the Banshee put her helmet back on. Again, remember what Tomas is supposed to be, and it becomes all the more powerful.
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  • Michael's grandfather gets one for going all GrandPapa Wolf on his own son, who was trying to beat his kids because they broke a vase - apparently this was a 'straw that broke the camel's back' moment, but still. He also has another one for providing Michael and his grand-children a safe haven, making him a partial atoner for being a bad father.
  • Most of the epilogue at the end of chapter 25, with a CMOF or a CMOA mixed in. Madork's got a funny, Sohm/Meliya has one of pure heartwarming, as well as that of Tomas and Ishabeth. Zara's is a Crowning Moment of Sadness, while Morteus and Eizak's epilogue is made up of pure awesome.


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