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Heartwarming / Toward A Bright Future

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The main premise of this fic is W.A.F.F., so of course there's going to be some sweet moments!

  • Y/N's first thought of Aizawa is that he's kind, since although they'd just found her on campus, had no idea who she is and is obviously suspicious of her, he still helped erase her Quirk when it put her in agony.
  • Y/N playing with Aizawa's cats while staying over at his place, and also making proper meals for him when she sees all the junk food he regularly consumes.
  • Y/N's first meeting with Class 1-A:
    • It's nice that the first thing she hears when she comes in is Kaminari thinking she's a cute transfer student... even if he's totally off the mark.
    • A dash of awesome when Y/N gets a vision of Mineta flipping Yaoyorozu's skirt and wasting no time reading him the riot act, earning her the admiration of every girl in the class. Even if she just met the class, she's wasting no time putting them under her protection.
    • Y/N complimenting Tokoyami and Dark Shadow when she sees them and giving Dark Shadow a good petting. Dark Shadow quickly latches on to her for more pets and won't let go any time soon.
    • When Bakugou snaps at Midoriya for more of his muttering, Y/N confronts Bakugou for his derisive nickname of "Deku" while simultaneously complimenting Midoriya, saying she can't wait to see what kind of hero he'll grow up to become. Midoriya's resulting smile has Y/N wanting sunglasses... as does Midoriya's subsequent Luminescent Blush.
      • And when Y/N describes her Quirk and how limited and full of drawbacks it is, Midoriya wastes no time telling her that her Quirk could make her a great hero.
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    • Y/N joking that her favourite Quirk is Dark Shadow because it gives good hugs, then asking if Shouji's Quirk can compare.
    • Between Aoyama's compliment and everyone's comments about how fun the meeting was, Y/N leaves the classroom with a gigantic smile on her face.
  • Present Mic and Midnight doing their very best to make Y/N feel welcome, even offering to bring her shopping after school to buy all the amenities she needs.
    • During the shopping trip, Y/N decides to buy some sweets and stickers for the students to reward them for a good job, just like how she remembers hoping she'd be rewarded as a child but never was.
  • Y/N's quick conversation with Midoriya at the end of the day, telling him that she has had visions of him since he was three, apologising that she couldn't do anything for him while witnessing all his pain of being Quirkless and bullied, and saying that his determination to become a hero regardless has made him an inspiration and a hero to her. The teary hug that Midoriya gives her is well-deserved.
    • And afterwards, after meeting Aizawa who was listening outside, Aizawa gives her an appreciative nod at how well she's connecting with her students.
  • Yaoyorozu giving Y/N some homemade truffles as a welcome gift to U.A..
  • When Y/N accidentally admits that her Quirk puts her in severe pain if she tries telling anyone about anything important, the students that overhear instantly show intense concern for her. Only their second day of meeting their new TA, and they're already showing that much care for her.
  • Y/N's first use of her reward stickers for the class's homework is incredibly well-received by 1-A. Even Bakugou accepts when she puts an explosion sticker on his.
    • And then Aoyama gives her a compliment, and she gives him a sticker too.
  • Y/N can't help but cry when she receives a smartphone from Aizawa. Covered with cats too!
  • Y/N meeting Shinsou during lunch, getting a vision of him in the Sports Festival, and sharing her lunch with him as a means of bonding.
    • Shinsou can't handle Y/N complimenting him for his Quirk, saying that it's the perfect Quirk for a hero, completely at odds with what he'd always been told until then.
    • And at the end of the conversation, Y/N invites Shinsou to train with him, because she wants to invest in his future and see the kind of hero he'll become.
  • Y/N offers to help Kaminari with his algebra homework, and giving him a sticker and a sweet when he finally succeeds. As she does to several other students who were listening to her advice.
  • When Y/N sees Hagakure's costume (or lack thereof), her first reaction is to march right to the Support Department and ask if they can make a better costume for her. Which leads to her first meeting with Hatsume, whom she can't help but like due to her exuberance.
    • As she does with Yaoyorozu when she sees how Stripperific her costume is.
  • While training with Shinsou, Y/N admits that her mysterious and unknown past could possibly make her an untrustworthy person, which Shinsou finds amusing since he knows what being judged for being evil is like. He reassures Y/N that her unknown past doesn't make her any less trustworthy and that she's being too hard on herself.
  • Present Mic dropping by Aizawa's place on the weekend and entertaining Y/N with a new video game system. And then they get Aizawa to join in too.
  • Shinsou helping Y/N when her Quirk's backlash for changing the USJ events leaves her whole body in agony, especially when he uses his own Quirk to numb out her mind and put her unconscious.
    • And when she wakes up a while later, she finds Aizawa sitting next to her.
  • While Y/N is recovering in Aizawa's apartment, she is entertained by Aizawa's two cats.
    • When Y/N complains that she wishes she could be more useful without being laid up, Aizawa wastes no time telling her otherwise, informing her of all the injuries she averted and all the good she did with her Quirk.
      • And tops it off by assuring her that anyone who tells her that her Quirk is useless is dead wrong. Y/N's relief at finally being acknowledged (after some brief memories of just being ignored) moves her to tears.
    • When Class 1-A finds out about Y/N's injury, they send her a giant get-well-soon card signed by everyone. Even Bakugou, Shinsou, All Might and Thirteen signed the card... and Aizawa added a small cat doodle.
  • The giant Group Hug when Y/N returns to class after the USJ event. And all the sweets Y/N gives out afterward.
  • When Y/N gets a vision of the League of Villains, she also sees a man that fills her with abject fear. She actually enters a panic attack before Midnight soothes her with her Quirk and a Cooldown Hug, and Nedzu assures her that as long as she is under U.A.'s protection, she'll be safe.
  • Y/N holding a giant study session for the class after school.

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