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The TV series

  • The theme of the show is heartwarming in itself: You Are Not Alone, because humankind is all connected to each other, and we can do little things, even accidents, that help another person no matter the distances.
  • Counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome too: Grace standing up to her friend Sauda's abusive boyfriend in "Safety in Numbers," and when he won't back down, she is joined by the rest of the women in her village.
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  • In "Entanglement," Norah proving herself to her father. So much so that he has warmed up to the idea of her studying abroad in America instead of a prospective bride for a wealthy family's son.
  • The "Find Celeste" story from "Noosphere Rising". Natalie, a video blogger recently dumped by a jerk boyfriend, helps organize a huge internet movement, to reunite two people named Paulo, and Celeste. In the end Celeste doesn't show...but a cadre of others do, coming from across the globe, to show their support for Natalie.
    • What makes it even more heartwarming is that Paulo did show, but not for Celeste. He traveled all the way to New York to see Natalie instead, and they go out on a date. Cue the tears.
  • Veronique being reunited with her parents and the twin sister she never knew existed through Martin's actions in "Zone of Exclusion."
  • How the Felipe and Yarah subplot ties into the main plot in "Music of the Spheres": Yarah tried to keep her cafe from closing because it was the only thing she had left of her family, to the point of constantly rejected Felipe, a good man who loves her. Martin manages to tell Yarah that her nephews are alive and in desperate need of a legal guardian. Learning this, Yarah finally takes Felipe's offer to come to the US with him. She may have lost the cafe, but now she has a family again with Felipe and their adopted sons.
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  • Jake holding hands with Martin at the end of "Gyre."
  • Also during the first part of Gyre, Martin shows up at Arnie's pawn shop. It's heartwarming to know that Martin kept his promise to be Arnie's friend.
    • And from that same episode, the scene where the guy on the beach sees the woman from the tsunami and returns her husband's sword to her. It's the scene between the son and the father afterwards that makes the screen all blurry.
  • Despite the Downer Ending, there is a silver lining in "Eye to Eye": Amelia finally knows for sure Calvin is lying and her mother has not abandoned her.
  • The three fingers from "Clockwork"


The comic Book

  • The opening scene of Rory saving some construction workers is this and an awesome moment.
  • Allison arguing on Rory's behalf when Coop wants to fire him.
  • Brian meeting his rock and roll idol and learning the guy saw him play once and thought he had potential.
  • Brian's instant chemistry with Bree the bartender even before she knows he has powers.
  • Coop taking back Brian's powers after seeing that their hurting him even though he's on the verge of a million dollar endorsement deal.
  • When Brian offers to take back his dangerous powers again to stop a gunman, rather than take him up on it Coop decides to save the day himself.
  • Larissa regaining control of her life.
  • One of the poker players and a bouncer consoling a waitress afraid she'll get fired over a spilled drink.

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