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Heartwarming / Tomokazu Sugita

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  • As mentioned in the main article, he was one of the people responsible for helping to publicize how Mitsuhiro Ichiki was cruelly pranked and bullied by the producer and several cast members of Kokoro Connect. After receiving a fan letter asking about the incident, Sugita got Ichiki to tell the whole story during his guest appearance on Sugita's radio show "anigera," and was very unamused.
    • Subsequently, Sugita appeared as a guest at a Namco Bandai Live webcast along with Takuma Terashima, one of the voice actors involved in the prank. He pointedly ignored Terashima and stayed as far away from him as possible throughout the entire show.
  • Back in his early days as a voice actor, the dissolution of his first talent agency put Sugita at a point of hardship. The one who helped him back then was none other than a fellow voice actress, Yukana. Because of this, it's almost common knowledge that he sees her as an older sister figure, and she dotes on him like one, to boot..
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  • Remember how often Sugita mentions his favorite voice actress Houko Kuwashima in Tokyo Encounter? It appears that she did notice him and made a video appearance in Die! Tokyo Encounter special. Its just that she can't attend their show, probably due to not being fascinated with games.

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