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Heartwarming / Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

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  • Carol and Misaki finally coming together. They're just about done hiding their feelings for each other, and now can experience the relationship they've always wanted out of the other person.
  • During the school festival, Tomo and Jun decide to compete with each other while still performing their designated race. The narrative meaning around their following conversation made a lot of hearts melt.
    Jun: Tomo! You passed it! You passed it!
    Tomo: Huh? What?!
    Jun: The women's turnaround point!
    Tomo: That doesn't matter. You want a match, right? With me!
    Jun: (hesitates, but keeps going) Yeah... yeah!
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  • In the middle school flashback arc, we finally get to see Misuzu flash a true smile for the first time in the 4koma series when Tomo reassures Misuzu that she still loves and treasures her as one of her dearest friends despite Misuzu's general lack of stamina and inability to be as sporty as Tomo and Jun.
    Tomo: All this gloominess! What's with you saying you can't be my friend!? I should slug you!
    Misuzu: I mean, I have absolutely no physical strength so...we can't really do sports together...
    Tomo: WHO CARES!? It's not like I'm playing all the time...Spending time with other people is nice and all, but you've always been precious to me. Is that any different to you?
  • After nearly a thousand pages, Tomo and Jun finally get together, with both realizing they can be dating and still be best friends and compete with each other, both admitting that they truly love each other (and Jun making it clear that he doesn't just love her as his best friend or rival), and Jun speaking for the audience.

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