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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Even if many people, most notably Richard, thought Big Tom had spoiled Tommy his whole life, the bond they had with each other was touching.
  • Tommy willing to give up his inheritance in order to secure a loan and keep the company afloat. He may be an idiot, but there's no question that Tommy is a good guy at heart.
  • Tommy's exuberance at his and Richard's first sale. Richard gently reminds him that they still have a long way to go to reach their target, but he still smiles and chuckles warmly at Tommy's enthusiasm once he leaves.
  • Richard trying to cheer up Tommy after it seems they've failed to stop the buyout, pointing out that at least they both got a friend out of it.
    Richard: Hey, you did your best. When we started this thing, I thought you'd just walk through this like you walk through everything else, but you didn't. Your dad would've been proud of you. And you got a friend out of it. Now I know it's no big deal to you since you have so many, but... I don't.
  • Given what we see of Zalinsky when we actually meet him, he seems like a brash CEO who only cares about his PR image and his bottom line, but he honors the deal he made with Tommy and even congratulates him on closing it.
    • Even earlier when he first meets Tommy, his first words to him are to give his condolences on his father's death and tell him he was a good man.
  • The end when Tommy speaks to the all of the Callahan Auto workers after becoming the new company president. He expresses his gratitude for all of them being like a family to him when he was growing up, and promises from this day forward he will dedicate his life to ensuring they will always have a job at the company.
  • The final scene where Tommy is stuck in the middle of the lake on his sailboat, talking to his deceased father. He asks his dad for some wind and, sure enough, a breeze comes and fills the sails.
    • Then it becomes funny when Tommy gets hit on the head by the rotating sail.


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