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  • Him taking over Eddsworld. He didn't want it to end with his best friend's death, neither of them did. So Tom, Matt and Paul are granting Edd's last wish: Keeping Eddsworld Alive.
  • In Tom's "Sex Talk" video, he discusses rape and being pressured into your first time and mentions how he was kind of pressured into his and if anyone has been raped, they should never feel like it's their fault because it never is. He also mentions how a person's first time should be when and only when they're completely ready.
  • In his "Edd's Birthday" video, it's basically Tom trying to find Edd the best birthday gift ever after forgetting his birthday. What hits heartwarming at the end is after Tom agreed on Matt's idea of appearing nude for Edd, it cuts to Edd and Tom hugging. That just hits heartwarming.
    • His friendship with Edd was this and Tear Jerker. Tom admits both he and Edd were able to become professional (Tom in directing and Edd in animating) due to determination to prove to each other and the fact they were seemed super close (same with Matt). Which makes Edd's passing and Tom's mental state collapsing depressing.
  • No Fandom. Tom explains why he no longer calls his fans "TurboFans" and that despite how he sometimes wishes he had a fandom and had the godly levels of fandom that some Youtubers has, he's ultimately happy with what he has and is grateful for every fan he does have.
  • "WE MADE A BOOK (Art is Dead reveal)". It's lovely to see him so happy. Considering how much the poor guy has gone through, this makes it more lovely.
  • Winning Best Series at Playlist Live for Last Week (as seen in Last Week We Won) and Tom subsequently thanking his editor and friend Elliot Gough for being the hardest working contributor for the series. You can hear just how much Tom values his friend's work
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  • After claiming he wanted one in his Birthday Questions vlog 4 years prior, Tom finally gets a pug note  named Squidge in 2017, and you can see how excited he is to have him.
  • Tom's reunion with Bing in 2018.

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