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Heartwarming / Tokimeki PokÚLive! and TwinBee

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  • Risa and Emma teling each other "I Love You" in Italian in "The Problem with Running!".
  • Shiori's promise to visit Chiharu again in "Otonokizaka, I Choose You!".
  • Overlapping with Awesome, the fact that Chikara Osako ran all the way to Hibikino High just to escort Kasumi Asou back home every day after school before they became a couple in their adult years! Now that's dedication!
  • Shizku's wish to have a child comes true during her and Hilda's adult years when they adopt Yoko!
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  • The Wakaouji twins comforting Yoko after she starts crying after remembering how her own biological parents died in "A Somber Mother's Day!?".
  • While "Prophecy of Failure!?" is a scary/sad story, Classic Sonic makes a promise to himself to help Yoko and Ellie avert the future Aleena hails from to the best of his ability and to defeat Modern Eggman once and for all.
  • On a meta level, Hilda ending up in this version of the Love Live! universe and her getting together with Shizuku and in addition, reuniting with Bianca and Cheren shortly after arriving ensures a good future for her instead of her being stuck in the Pokémon world, forever wandering aimlessly, looking for a person who has most likely forgotten about her and as a result, wouldn't even love her back, don't you think?

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