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  • Once Shuichi figures out Kaede's attempt to kill the mastermind failed, he confronts her on this information and she bursts into tears, asking if he hates her. Once he calms her down and the two starts heading to the first trial, he adds he doesn't think he could ever hate her.
  • After Kaede admits to dropping the shot put ball into the vent, the class trial erupts into a frenzy before Shuichi loudly demands that everyone hear her out. She gives a full tearful confession of her plan to kill the mastermind. Afterwards, it's Kokichi of all people to be the first to encourage Kaede to let go of her guilt. Everyone else joins in one by one to forgive and support her, strengthening the unity of the class towards finding the culprit and giving Kaede the ability to believe in herself again.
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  • For the alternate character virtual reality simulation, Kaede and Shuichi, along with Kaito and Maki, are both assigned the roles of loving couples.
  • During the VR simulation, Kaede finds a place of privacy for herself and Shuichi, where she reiterates her trust in him, even in the face of all the forces seeking to divide everyone with doubt and fear. This goes a LONG way towards helping Shuichi overcome Monokuma's manipulation of his resolve going back to the end of the third trial.
  • The entire last scene of Chapter 50. Not only does Kaede finally get to play Claire De Lune for Shuichi, but also the two experience their moment of Relationship Upgrade with a First Kiss.
  • Kokichi took the time to win the love hotel key from the casino after Kaede and Shuichi became a couple. Remember, this is Kokichi we're talking about. While he is messing with them, it's very likely his own way of subtly congratulating the couple.
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  • In a way, Kaito's funeral manages to be both this and a Tear Jerker. All the students, even Kokichi, join together to mourn the Luminary of the Stars. The resulting service, with an eulogy by Maki and a performance of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" by Kaede, really drive home how much the other students cared for Katio.
  • After Kokichi outs Maki as the Ultimate Assassin and implies that the two of them had been working together, the other students stand in solidarity with her and assert that they still trust her and that she's their friend.

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