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  • Diao Chan seems to have truly loved Lü Bu, and willingly follows him to his execution.note  This is evidenced in the scene after Dong Zhuo's death, and when she mourns Lü Bu in a waterfall after Xiapi.
  • Zhang Fei and Guan Yu's reunion with Liu Bei after they went missing in the retreat from Xiaopei.
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  • After losing battle upon battle, Liu Bei's sincere gratitude to Xu Shu for actually helping him win against Cao Ren is wonderful to watch.
  • Right after Sun Ce's death, Zhou Yu refuses point-blank to accept Sun Quan's offer to abdicate and let Zhou Yu rule the Southland, as it was not Sun Ce's wish. After Lady Wu reveals to him that Sun Quan only tried to pass off command for the good of the Southlandnote , Zhou Yu leads the other generals in pledging eternal loyalty to Sun Quan before Sun Ce's memorial. (Despite this, there would still be tensions between Sun Quan and Zhou Yu after Chibi, particularly with regards to Jing province, which spilled over into Sun Quan's relationship with Zhou Yu's protege Lyu Mengnote .)
    • At one point during the Jing conflict, Zhou Yu offers that if Sun Quan should fear censure for Zhou Yu's moves to recover Jing (including sending an army out against Liu Bei's forces in Jing after Liu Bei had arrived for a marriage) then he won't begrudge Sun Quan scapegoating and executing him... after Jing is taken.
  • Before leaving for Wu on a likely-suicidal marriage mission, Liu Bei visits Zhuge Liang to give him a way of "dealing with" Liu Bei's own sworn brothers if they get out of linenote . When Zhuge Liang responds with shock to this, Liu Bei reiterates his trust in him, stating that he knows Zhuge Liang is the only one who can possibly carry out his life's goal of restoring the Han, even if he has to break the Peach Garden Brotherhood to do so. Moved to tears, Zhuge Liang declares his own loyalty and freely sends Zhao Yun along with Liu Bei, to protect him in Wu.
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  • Cao Cao's rousing speech consoling Xu Chu and the rest of his army after the defeat at Red Cliff. For someone with Cao Cao's bad publicity, he can be a very decent man to his own men, regardless of rank.
  • Huang Zhong volunteering to lure the Wu troops into an ambush at Yiling. Liu Bei objects on the grounds that he's an old man - at this point Huang Zhong is seventy-five -, and Huang Zhong's emotional plea is magnificent to watch - and ultimately successful.

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