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Heartwarming / Thousand Sons

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  • The ending to the Ahriman trilogy is a truly heartwarming moment, after enacting the Rubric of Ahriman for the second time in an effort to save his Legion it is revealed that Ahriman has failed. The Rubric does not restore the lost Thousand Sons to their flesh-selves, and Ahriman is forced to flee Sortiarus. But the epilogue shows all of Ahriman's officers gathering, stunned, at a truly unexpected development. Ahriman himself arrives shortly after and is brought before a Rubric Marine, who has been saved. Helio Isidorus, the Rubric Marine that has been with Ahriman since the beginning of the series, was saved. It may have only been one man among thousands, but everything that Ahriman did across the series was not in vain. And there is more, for the new Rubric to work Ahriman sincerely believed he had to sacrifice his own life to bring his brothers back, he went on anyway.
    • It gets better for him during The Wrath of Magnus. After millenia of hatred towards him for his failures, Magnus finally forgives Ahriman, making sure that they can get their revenge against Fenris together.

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