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Heartwarming / This Present Darkness

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  • Gimli venturing into Legolas's mind, facing all the enemies Legolas conjures to keep him out, just to save his friend's life.
    Image of Thranduil: If he is your friend, then let him go.
    Gimli: You Elves have a damned strange idea of what it means to be a friend. [...] I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I don't mean to hurt Legolas... but I can't let him die. Not while I'm still living. I guess that's what friendship means to a Dwarf.
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  • Gimli's cry when Dragaer stabs him is enough to wake Legolas. Legolas has been trapped in his own mind, fighting the urge to fade, but the knowledge his friend is in danger is enough to wake him up and deliver some long-overdue vengeance to Dragaer.
  • Gimli's reaction when Legolas reveals he has lost the sea-longing and will never be able to go to Valinor.
    Gimli: You sit there and tell me that you're going to what, just suffer for the rest of your life - forever, in other words - and you say that it isn't easy? You know what I say to that? You're giving up. You came this far and you're just giving up. Well to Mordor with that! You are getting on that ship and you are going to bloody Valinor if I have to row you there myself!
  • The sea-longing returns.
    Legolas: After all this time... I am not forsaken after all.


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