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Heartwarming / The Wicked Years

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For the musical see here.

  • Page 78 in the first book, where Galinda stares at Elphaba in their dorm, who in turn is staring out the window:
    They both gazed at the green and flowery spectre reflected in the watery old glass, surrounded by the blackness, driven through with the wild rain beyond.
    A maplefruit leaf, shaped like a star with blunted points, or like a heart grown lopsided, suddenly whirled out of the night and plastered itself on the
    reflection in the glass, gleaming red and reflecting the firelight, just where the heart would be - or so it seemed from the angle at which Glinda stood.
    "Entrancing," she said. "There's some strange exotic quality of beauty about you. I never thought."
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  • In the fourth book, Rain, who didn't pay much attention to other people as a child, has her earliest memories of playing with some animals by herself. At the end of the book, she confronts Glinda with her lonely upbringing - only for Glinda to remind her that she wasn't alone - Glinda was with her every time. She fills in the gaps in
  • Galinda persuades Elphaba to put on one of her hats. Instead of looking ridiculous on her, Galinda is entranced by how it looks. She says the line "Oh Miss Elphaba. You terrible mean thing, you're pretty".
  • As Galinda's relationship with Elphaba develops, she begins distancing herself from her Girl Posse. It's a telling point of Character Development when she realizes Pfannee's trickery and tries to protect Elphaba from her.
  • The final chapter of Out of Oz has an ambiguous scene where Glinda's jail cell is opened by a person unseen and unrevealed to the audience, but Glinda clearly knows them and greets them, with no malice or hatred, with: "You wicked thing." Who else could it be?

Alternative Title(s): Son Of A Witch, A Lion Among Men, Out Of Oz