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  • Despite their hostility, Lianne defends Shen's health and genetic ability openly against Councilor Wong's remarks. He afterwards gives her a book that tells about her mother's birthlands as an apology for his earlier behavior. As they depart, the corners of her beak twitch into the beginnings of a smile at him for the first time.
  • Lord Goa and Lady Jing offer Lianne comfort as she confesses her bad relationship with her father.
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  • After Lianne tells Shen of how she was sent to Gongmen City and how her father treats her, he feels the need to keep her safe, and together they part for the Tower of the Sacred Flame.
    The Tower of the Sacred Flame may not have been her home, but it was a home always ready to welcome her.
  • Lianne buys a large box of cakes and goes to share them for the poor.
  • After being saved from Haun's gang, Lianne feels weak for sticking to her pacifistic views instead of trying to free herself. Shen makes her feel better by telling her that she is not weak for staying true to her believes in the face of such danger.
  • Lianne hugs Shen out of gratitude for the silver fan he has made for her.
  • Shen has fun with Lianne during the Moon Festival they've put up together.
  • Before her death, Lady Amelia seems to take approval in Shen, unlike her husband. It's implied that she encourages the thought of Shen and Lianne together with the way she often brings up Shen in her discussions with her daughter. Not only the lady dies after seeing her beloved child after months of separation, but she also notices how her little girl seems to have found her significant other, even if she hasn't realized it yet.
  • There is one moment in Lianne's strained conversation with her father where he gives a closest thing to approval that he can give.
    Lord Chang: Lianne... I know that one day you will be a fine woman. You are beautiful, intelligent, graceful, sophisticated, regal... you are everything I tried to make. But... there was never enough time.
    • When Lady Amelia is revealed to have passed away, Chang orders the grief-stricken Lianne to be taken to Shen so that he can comfort her. This shows that while Chang dislikes Shen strongly, he doesn't deny his daughter's friendship with him.
  • After their argument following Lady Amelia's death, Shen and Lianne finally confess their feelings to each other and have their First Kiss.
  • The happiness of Lord Goa and Lady Jing for Shen and Lianne's engagement.
  • Despite the fact that Lang exposing Shen's crime of mass murder started Lianne's unhappiness, she doesn't hold grudges toward the duck for that and keeps him as a friend.
  • When Zhan rushes to the throne room to inform Shen of Po, Lianne calls out to him in relief for seeing him. He briefly stops and almost smiles at the friend he hasn't seen for thirty years until Shen turns his attention back to him.
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  • This little thing Shen says at the end of his duel with Lianne:
    Shen: Your kindness makes you weak, Lianne. Even when you hate someone, you still want to save them. You try to save everyone, even I who cannot be saved! But... that is why I love you...
  • Zhan and Jade's friendship is sweet to the point that it gives Lianne momentary happiness.
  • During Shen's time in sickbed, his conversation with Lianne gives some hope for them in the reader's mind. Among other things, he encourages her to pick up again her passion for painting.
  • After being told by Ah-Ma that it's thanks to Lianne that he barely avoided execution, the mortified Shen confronts Lianne about this and she confesses her feelings of guilt over Shen's embitterment. Shen lets go of any hatred toward her, and they rekindle their love once again by hugging and kissing. They even sleep together, combining their species' courting rituals they told each other about thirty years earlier.
    • The line that starts the hug:
      Shen: Don't ever let me hate you again...
  • When Lianne is accidentally knocked onto the Conveyor Belt o' Doom, Shen interrupts his duel with Po to rescue her.
  • Though Shen and Lianne's wedding qualifies mostly as a Tear Jerker, it also has some of the biggest heartwarming moments included.
    • When Zhan delivers Lianne, they're again friends they used to be.
    • Lianne tells Shen that if he had just proposed her anytime, she would have accepted it. This makes him realize how much he loves her, and he suddenly interrupts the wedding ceremony, setting her free, reminding her of his vow to never endanger their love, and thanking her for loving him despite everything.
    • This is followed by Lianne finalizing the marriage by her own initiative and the Vows of everlasting love after her Big Damn Kiss with Shen. Before she leaves, she promises to always wait for him.
      Shen: I will always love you. Don't ever forget that. I vow to you... my love will always be everlasting, nothing in this world will ever make me stop loving you.
      Lianne: My heart belongs to you, it always has and always will. I make an everlasting vow. May we never be parted, may our love forever endure, no matter what happens. Your life, is my life, I would rather die before I lost you. I swear to forever be true. And I vow... to always love you.
      • Shen makes the Vow of everlasting love before Lianne can. The fact that he's not a swan and not as obliged to give it touches Lianne deeply.
  • When Lianne goes to Shēnghuó after thirty years of absence, she's reunited with her uncle Hong and told that when Chang heard about her imprisonment by Shen, he wanted to do everything necessary to raise an army and storm Gongmen City in order to free his daughter, with only the stroke he suffered preventing him.
  • Jade attacks Shen and calls him out of dragging Zhan and his wolf pack to their doom along with him. Shen defeats her, but lets her go. He then summons Zhan, takes him out with a Pressure Point and orders him to be taken away with the majority of the pack, thus sparing them from their fates in the movie.
  • Zhan's reunion with Jade.
  • In her final appearance, Ah-Ma receives comfort from knowing about Lianne's pregnancy with Shen's child. There's also the fact that she stayed close to keep an eye out for Shen after he released her.
  • Shen and Lianne's reunion, with him having survived his canon ending and spent the following weeks searching for Lianne out of the desire to see her one more time.
    • When Lianne tells Shen that she carries his child, he smiles along with her. They then say their vows of everlasting love one more time.
  • The examples in the epilogue:
    • Zhan and Jade say their goodbyes to Lianne and Shen before they leave China. Zhan also congratulates them for their laid egg and is able to make some kind of a peace with Shen.
    • When Shen expresses self-loathing due to being crippled for life after his unsuccessful attempt to force his body to fight as well as it used to, Lianne lays down next to him and assures him she'll never be ashamed of being married to him. From there starts his slow progress of healing.
    • When Shen and Lianne's son hatches, Lianne names him Zian in memory of Zhan.
    • After Shen sees Zian fully for the first time, he puts aside his earlier insecurities about having a family with Lianne and becomes a decent father in the limitations his crippling and imprisonment in the Shan Palace allow him to.
    • The final scene with its Shout-Out to The Swan Princess:
      Lianne: Will you love me, Shen? Till the day I die?
      Shen: No. Much longer than that, Lianne... much, much longer...

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