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Heartwarming / The Vision (2015)

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  • Vision's absolute determination to save Viv's life shows how much he loves his daughter. After successfully reviving her, the scene in which they hug is heartwarming. Later, when Virginia hugs Viv in relief as a happy Vin looks on, it shows how much the synthezoids care about each other.
  • The flashback in which Vision and Scarlet Witch declare their love is heartwarming in a bittersweet way, since readers know that their relationship will later crumble.
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  • Vin and Viv are delighted when Vision brings them a synthezoid dog.
  • Victor's interactions with the family in issue #8 seems to have healing effect after all they've been through. Even after it turns out he was spying on them it's implied he also tried to help them get better.
  • Vision praying with Viv that there is a God and that Vin's soul is at rest after his death. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Viv is overjoyed when Scarlet Witch reveals that she and Tony Stark repaired Sparky. Viv smiles broadly as she pets her resurrected dog.

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