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  • Almost any time we see Dr. Venture open up or be genuinely happy, as opposed to being sleazy and oily as usual.
  • The several times, especially during moments of stress for the boys, that Dr. Venture calls Hank or Dean "sweetie".
    Dr. Venture: You can't wear underpants until we remove the dressing, sweetie.
  • Can we just stop for a moment and realize that Rusty is perfectly capable of engineering two perfect boys from scratch if he really wanted to? Instead, he chooses to have a clone farm for each time his sons die. Say what you will about him, but it definitely shows that even Rusty is capable of loving family.
  • Also consider the fact that he refuses to consider the fact that the clones are ANYTHING but Hank and Dean. HE doesn't view the clones as anything but continuations of the originals. He even snaps at Orpheus when he talks about the boys dying, insisting that the clones are Hank and Dean.
  • When Dean calls Rusty "daddy" and Rusty doesn't correct him; he even refers to himself as such. Most dads would not like their sons to use such an affectionate nickname.
  • Many episodes show that Brock truly sees the Ventures as his family.

     Season 1 
  • In the first episode, The Monarch actually tries to be nice to the boys after capturing them, sympathizing with them about the fact their father couldn't care less.
  • In "Ice Station Impossible", the story goes out of its way to give Race Bannon the most Undignified Death ever. Brock calling him, with the utmost sincerity, "one of the best" still fits here.
    • A very overlooked moment, but when Rusty accidentally unlocks the stasis chamber of Cody Impossible, who immediately bursts into flames after being exposed to oxygen, a horrified Rusty goes to grab the fire extinguisher right before Ned walks in. A very early sign that even Rusty has a heart.
    • Prof. Impossible was set to shoot chemically-induced human bomb Hank to prevent him exploding - Rusty positions himself in front of Hank, determined to find an alternate method. Granted, he may be motivated to show up his old teacher, but still...
    • Hell, it's not even Hank he positions himself in front of, but Brock (who put himself in front of Hank first). Now that's a statement.
  • Despite the fact that The Monarch is a Bad Boss who frequently pulls You Have Outlived Your Usefulness his henchmen still throw him a surprise birthday party.
  • In "Home Insecurity", H.E.L.P.eR. is seen taking care of Rusty, tucking him in and everything. What makes it even more sweet is that it's implied he's been doing this for Rusty's whole life. It turns to a Tear Jerker when he finds the plans for the new robot. And even then, he takes a picture of him and little Rusty with him when he runs away.
    • Later, Rusty actually apologizes to H.E.L.P.eR. (considering this is Rusty, this is a big step).
      Doc: I... Rusty needs your help.
    • In the same episode, the Henches all get together and have a swell time, until they're ultimately killed.
  • A small one in "Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic!": Despite needing to rush Dean to help save Brock from the Joy-Can and interrupting Dean's gushing about having just met Triana, Hank makes it clear how happy he is for Dean and wants to hear all about her later.
  • One of the B-plots in "Tag Sale, You're It!" begins to be a bit of a Tear Jerker: while perusing Rusty's tag sale, several moments of dialogue between the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend imply pretty heavily that their relationship is strained, with Dr. Girlfriend even considering breaking up with Monarch to strike out on her own, due to Monarch losing his motivation as Rusty's archnemesis. Monarch's mood is only made worse when they break into Rusty's lab only to realize his Rusty's life isn't as impressive as it was made out to be, culminating when Girlfriend attempts to talk about "things", to which Monarch's seemingly hostile reaction only increases the tension...until he pushes Girlfriend aside to shoot down the security guards who just came in through the doorway behind her in one move and launching into an inspired dramatic speech to reaffirm his arch-nemesisship with Rusty. By the time Monarch picks up Dr. Girlfriend for his big smokescreen escape, she's practically swooning. Odd Couple they are, but even this early in the series, moments like this show how well the two fit together. Even when Dr. Girlfriend ends up breaking up with the Monarch for real later in the season, it is eventually his passion for villainy that brings her back to him.

     Season 2 
  • In the first episode of season 2, you see Brock tracking Rusty down, after the boys die. It could be said that it's his job, but it could also be seen as him missing the boys and wanting Rusty to awaken the next set of clones so they'll be back.
  • The episode where Rusty failed to fix his shrink ray? After he bemoaned himself as a failure, Billy Quizboy showed him his Rusty Venture lunchbox, reminding him that at one point, he was the premier child adventurer.
  • Brock's threat to Phantom Limb in "Victor. Echo. November." about staying the hell away from the Ventures, even after Limb had just reminded him what the Guild would do to Brock if Limb was killed.
    Brock: Let me give you a warning: if you ever sic your goons on the Venture family - MY family - I will-
    Phantom Limb: Yes, of course. Scary-scary. It won't happen again.
    • Brock giving Hank and Dean advice about how to act on their group date, going so far as to give Dean his wallet to pay for the date. Bodyguarding the Ventures may have originally been a job, but Brock has progressed to being an emotional pillar of support to the boys as well as a physical one.
  • The ending of the episode "Assassinanny 911." We spend the entire episode being told by Molotov Cocktease that the Venture family essentially stole Brock Samson's life, and watching Brock relive the action and adventure of his old super spy days. At the end of the episode Molotov offers Brock the chance to leave his current life behind and return to being a super spy full time. He responds by smiling and saying "Sorry, Molotov, but… Go Team Venture." (Incidentally, this is also the first time in the show that Brock himself actually used the Venture Family's Catchphrase.) This is when we realize beyond any doubt that, as much as Brock might be annoyed by the Ventures from time to time, he does think of them as his own family, and he wouldn't give them up for anything.
  • When Hank (in his Batman costume, no less) runs off to save Dean from being forced to marry Baron Underbeit and Brock's lip quivers as he watches. Dr. Venture even mocks him for worrying about the boy when they can just make another clone of him. Although, Dr. Venture smiles when Hank tells him his near accomplishment with the "gay gene"
  • For all his resentment of his father, in "Twenty Years to Midnight" when Rusty sees his dad appear through a portal he is reduced to tears, begging him to stay when he is about to leave. Of course, that really isn't his father but it shows that Rusty still loves his dad.
  • In "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills" Brock is searching for the boys and comes upon a dumpster. He looks terrified until he discovers the watches. Later in the same episode, he shows a small bit of Papa Wolf-ness when he states that he'll kill Myra if she hurts the boys. (Note that Brock's one rule is to never kill a woman or child.)
  • When Dr. Killinger gets the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend back together.
    Love is not private. Love is to be shared. I've locked you in. Neither of you may leave until you have reached compromise. Good luck, and may love show you the way. Say goodbye to all your pretty children for me.
  • Brock's complex regret about killing the anonymous Monarch henchman who haunts him because he knew that the henchman was green, fleeing and posed no threat, but Brock snapped his neck anyway. When said mook as turned into an animated corpse (Venturestein), he eventually took Venturestein to a prostitute as an apology; Venturestein was more than pleased.

     Season 3 
  • In "The Invisible Hand of Fate!", Brock and Pete White get one: Brock grabs a memory-wiped, unconcious Billy Quizboy and sneaks him out of the OSI. Cut to Pete White in the middle of the desert, sunburned to shit (Remember, he's an albino, that shit is easily fatal), and Brock pulls up to him, gives him a little speech, throws a duffel bag at him… Containing Pete's best buddy in the world, Billy, whom he clutches to his chest and weeps for joy. The music just seals the deal.
    • In the same episode, there's a scene where Pete thinks he's signing Billy up for another quiz. Turns out, it's a dog-fighting match. Even though it causes Billy to be disqualified and thus causes the huge fight that eventually splits them until the aforementioned scene, the fact that Pete apparently jumped into the ring to try and rescue Billy, risking his own life and limb (literally; this is how Billy lost his hand), is honestly rather touching.
    • The scene where Myra is being taken away after she has gone insane, we see a shot of Helper holding baby Hank and Dean and Rusty looks at them.
    Dr. Venture: It's alright, Helper. She's gone.
    • After Billy told Pete to go away and leave him alone out in the middle of the desert, Pete apparently came back with a trailer to stay in that exact spot and wait to see if he'd come back. The reason that nearly twenty years later they're still living out in the desert, where Pete could practically broil to death on his own doorstep, is because he stayed to wait for Billy to come back.
  • An atypically heartwarming message at the end of the episode "ORB" where Rusty tells Billy that he trusts his father's judgement:
    Dr. Venture: He may have been a horrible father, but he was a great scientist. If my father hid this, he had a good reason.
    • Brock is wrestling with whether he should follow his secret directive to OSI and take out Venture if he finds the Orb. When he hears that his past incarnation, Sandow did something that will forever burden him to prevent Colonel Venture from activating the Orb, he presumes the worst and prepares to kill Rusty in the museum. When he sees Rusty say he's going to use it in moderation to benefit humanity, Brock smiles and leaves, showing he is more willing to trust Rusty than follow orders.
  • Jonas Venture Jr., otherwise more likable than his brother, edits together old clips of their father to make it seem like a clip of Jonas Sr. saying his greatest invention is his son, is talking about him, Jonas Jr. It is of course talking about Rusty, who left before watching it. Yes, it's suitably corny, but still.
  • In "The Buddy System," after meeting Dermott, Hank is so happy and runs up to his father to ask if he can show him his room. Doc however is rude to him and even hurts his feelings. Seeing this, Brock immediately asks Hank to help him with his judo lesson to cheer him up.
    • Brock gets another small one when he lies to The Monarch about Doc missing him as a nemesis.
    • Even Dr. Z gets a small one, where he puts on a bit of performative arching for the crowd of kids. Even though he's a villain and an active member of the Council of 13, he still has a sense of humor.
    Dr. Z: You never lose it.
    • At the end when Dermott is leaving, Hank asks if he could call or do what friends do. Dermott immediately responds that they can hang out. Hank looks so happy at the end.
    • Dermott in GENERAL is pretty heartwarming. Yeah, he's a jerkass, but he is sincerely nice to Hank in his own way and, despite being a braggart most of the time, has never asked or used Hank and Dean for anything malicious outside out mooching a little food off of them.
  • An unexpectedly tender moment from Action Johnny, of all people, in The Buddy System. He realizes Dean is Dr. Venture's son and offers him an escape from the traumatic life of a boy adventurer. Granted, Dean is too oblivious to understand, and Johnny isn't capable of caring for himself, let alone a teenager, but his attempt to rescue Dean from the dysfunctional life of an adventurer-turned-superscientist shows some remarkable empathy on his part.
    Action Johnny: Look, kid. I have a plane parked right over there. You say the word and we are out of here, man! You don't need to live like this!
    • Some of the pictures taken at the end are also pretty sweet, such as Sgt. Hatred taking a picture with Dr. Z, Dean and Triana taking one of Dean’s “muscles”, Sgt. Hatred’s minions with the Pirate Captain, and Orpheus and Al lifting up a kid with magic.
  • A small, subtle one from the 11 minute mark in "The Lepidopterists". When Brock enters after Ned's "introduction", he gives him a smile (to which Ned gleefully replies "friend!") and when the camera goes back to them he's rubbing Ned's head soothingly. With any character this would be already pretty sweet, but considering it's "kill first, ask later" Samson… it's even more touching.
  • Rusty and Billy bonding on their adventure to find the Orb in the episode "ORB". Remembering that Billy always idolized Rusty and wanted to be an adventurer when he grew up helps reinforces this.
  • In the third season finale, after Sargent Hatred leads all of the boys' clones into a doomed battle where they get sliced up by lasers, Rusty follows up with possibly his one act of genuine parenting in the whole series to date.
    Dr. Venture: Calm down, Hank. You only live once.
    • A deleted scene that takes place before this has Rusty show Hatred the clone lab, at which point Hatred says that it’s time Rusty actually try to take care of the boys instead of just re-cloning them every time they die, while pointing out that they have gotten much more resilient over time. Rusty gives a genuine smile to the boys, which while it never truly ended up in the episode, shows that deep down, he truly loves his sons.

     Season 4 
  • Rusty Venture's attitude to Dean in season 4, probably as a result of his inability to bring his sons back to life any longer in the event of their likely deaths, seems genuinely fatherly at times. His attempts, however misguided, to help Dean with his superscience career in "Perchance To Dean," and particularly in "The Revenge Society" when the two of them are locked in the Panic Room and Rusty helps Dean get over his fears, are surprisingly genuine examples of Rusty's caring for his sons. Even Hank's rebellion against his father's "strict rules" is indicative of the fact that Rusty is trying to keep him safe—although it would be a betrayal of Dr. Venture's character to portray his inability to connect with Hank on an emotional level as anything but cynical irritation. He's not even dragging them into dangerous adventures anymore.
  • The season 4 mid-season finale when S.P.H.I.N.X members are listing the grievances they've suffered to further their goals. Most are petty or insane, but Brock's biggest sacrifice? "Living next to the boys for a year and not being able to tell them that they're safe."
  • In season 4 “The Better Man”, Jefferson Twilight’s childlike joy at his new-found magical powers is really quite touching.
  • The end of the first episode of Season 4:
    Hank: Why did you leave me?
    Brock: Hank, I'll never leave you… but right now, these guys need me a little more. You can share me, Hank, can't ya?
  • Rusty briefly comforting Helper after realizing that he was online for the entire trip inside the box also counts.
  • D-19's last moments were spent hugging his father— the only thing he ever wanted his entire life.
  • The ending of "Return to Malice". After 21's plans all came busting down, he is left downtrodden in his childhood treehouse. The Monarch, disfigured after 21's new cook gave him food he unknowingly was allergic to and can't make the big supervillain magazine photo shoot, offers him some comfort about the night of failing to torture Hank and Dean for info of 24's death. Then he orders the treehouse to burnt down. A second time in the same ep was with Rusty's and Dr. Girlfriend bonding over waiting for a hostage exchange that never happens. It compounds the idea that these are just two gifted scientists with a lot in common, just bonding.
  • Likewise, the ending of "The Revenge Society" with Dean being revealed to be the rightful heir of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and bestowing it back to David Bowie. Also his father/son moment with Rusty was sweet too.
  • In "Every Which Way But Zeus", Hatred and the boys use some voice-altering toys to "kidnap" Rusty because he expects to be kidnapped along with everyone else. He asks that they not torture Dean, but doesn't seem to mind them killing Hank. He later explains that he doesn't love Dean more; he just knew they weren't going to kill Hank, and if they're gonna pretend to torture someone, it might as well be Hank. Hank asks if it's because he's tough while Dean is a wuss, and Rusty says that Dean has the idealism of "Rusty Venture: Boy Adventurer". He actually likes the whole superscience thing. Hank was thrust into "this life" and rebels against it, just like Rusty did.
    Rusty: He's a Venture. He'll never shake it.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome: In "Self-Medication", After wandering around with the other boy adventurers and talking to Dr. Z, Venture states that he wasn't alone and that unlike the others, he had grown up and had a family. He then states that it was time he got back to them.
    • While Dr. Z is happy with his life with Mrs. Z, he states that one thing they regret from getting together at such a late age is that they never got the chance to have children. Ro-Boy then asks if they would be willing to adopt him. Even the other boy adventurers are touched by this.
  • The Stinger in Season 4 of Hank, half-sleep, wandering into the kitchen and not even noticing that Brock is sitting at the table covered in blood eating a bowl of cereal. What really seals it is that he gets a glass of water and walks past him again, saying, "Goodnight, Brock" and Brock kindly replies, "Goodnight, Hank." Then we hear a glass break from the other room and Hank yells "BROCK?!"
  • Triana's and Dean's mutual breakup at the Stinger of the season 4 episode "The Better Man."
    • Dean to Triana: "Can we talk?"
  • In “Everybody Comes to Hank's” Doc supports Hank's store idea and even goes through the trouble of buying his stuff back instead of just demanding all his stuff back and forcing Hank to get a real job, even though he's clearly annoyed.
    • Also in “Everybody Comes to Hank's”, Al actually bonds with Hank and hangs out with him, playing along with Hank's silly notions. Though one could be allowed to assume it's because he's simply bored, He PROFUSELY apologizes to Hank when he accidentally realizes Dermott is his half-brother and that he had sex with his mom. Al clearly cares at least a bit. This is further shown in his asking Byron 'The Bewitched Question' as well.
    Dr. Orpheus: "Well. We have these powers. They are a part of us! And we should never be ashamed or afraid to use them for good!"
    • That proud little smile that plays across Brock's face as Hank ecstatically proclaims "I GOT LAAAAIIIID!!"
  • Rusty trying his hand at songwriting for an autobiographical musical. It might seem like a self-aggrandizing get-rich-quick scheme, and it is… but Dr Venture just looks so uncharacteristically happy singing and playing the keyboard.
    • The fact that there exists an Alternate Universe where Rusty is a successful scientist and his musical became a Broadway hit.
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, when she dressed up as a cheer leader and gave 21 a cheer to well... cheer him up. She later revealed that she and 21 have more interests (namely, Star Trek) in common than he would have thought.
  • In Handsome Ransom, Doc is reluctant to do anything about the ransom until Dean cries out in fear. Doc then tries to offer the Monarch anything in his lab as he doesn't have ten million dollars at the time. Then when trying to get Hank back later, you can see that he is calling everyone (including the brother he hates) to get the money. This shows that despite Hank getting under his skin all the time, he does want him back. (At least a little bit.)
    • Hatred, despite being surrounded by henchmen with guns, the first thing he notes is that Hank, who was “saved” by Captain Sunshine earlier, was missing.
    • When the second trade is going down, Doc is immediately able to see though the Monarch's trick because the imposter wasn't wearing Brock's coat, which he states wild horses couldn't get him out of. This shows that he knows his son at least a little. (Or that he tried to get him out of the coat and failed.)
  • In Assisted Suicide season 4, when using Dean to enter Doc's mind fails, he walk dejectedly over to his brother, who immediately puts his arm around him for comfort.
    • In the same episode, while waiting for doc to wake up Brock and Hatred share a moment while talking about Hank letting off two good leg shots; the proud look on Hatred's face sells it. Immediately after wards, both hear that something is wrong with Dean and rush out to help him.
    • At the end, Brock and Hatred are fighting over the responsibility of the boys, Rusty comes out and tells them with no uncertainty that they're his problem. He then starts handling them without missing a single beat.
    • Rusty's and Hank's moment together after the credits was rather sweet considering the two rarely get a moment like that.
    • The episode starts off with SPHINX, Hatred, and the Venture Bros. all playing football together. It's nice to see that SPHINX can take time off to have some fun with their friends.
  • After Billy got kidnapped by the Investors, White offered SPHINX $50,000 to go rescue him, which Brock tells Billy about at the end to remind him that White really is his friend and actually does care about him. Plus, Billy gets to prove his skill as a surgeon, do the ethical thing even if it's a pretty bad idea, and give a really good "cowboy speech"!
  • Dr. Orpheus, Jefferson, and the escort hugging Gary after he lets 24 go. Even if they do think he's crying for a totally different reason.
  • In "Operation P.R.O.M", Brock is speeding off to protect the Venture family after Molotov reveals that the escorts attending the prom are her Blackheart agents waiting to slaughter those attending at midnight. Even though his bodyguard duty has been passed on to Hatred, Brock is noticeably scared for the people he considers family as he races to the compound, knife in hand. He doesn't even take a moment to mourn Molotov's apparent death.
  • Also in the Season 4 finale, when Dean and Hank talk Dermott into joining them for a "Go Team Venture" as they go off to get Triana back despite the fact that none of the three of them know that Dermott himself actually is a Venture by blood.
    • Hell, Dermott agreeing to help them in general. Sure, his advice is stupid and makes it readily apparent that he's a douchenote  but he clearly means well.
  • Sgt. Hatred replacing the H on his face with a V.
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment when you consider it now says VD on his body.

     Season 5 
  • Doubling as a Funny Moment, the stinger of "What Color Is Your Cleansuit" has The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch sitting on the floor of the Cocoon together, high, laughing, and The Monarch turns to her and says, "You're, like, so awesome. You are, like, my best friend."
    • That same episode has Dean befriending a girl named Talia. They become pretty close, so much she trusts him enough to show her mutation to him. Dean doesn't even react in fear so that is something.
    • The Monarch still believing #21 was still working for them and even them watching Game of Thrones together was good somewhat.
    • Dr. Venture's reaction to Dean giving up on super-science, burning his possessions and wanting to be his own man: Rather than being a dick about it, or even getting justifiably angry at Dean burning his old learning bed, he allows Dean to have his own room provided he'll help out.
  • Dean returning H.E.L.Pe.R to his pre-Walking Eye form.
  • After Gary feels useless and upset, having done more harm than good, Brock tries to cheer him up by giving him his crossbow, the very same crossbow that he didn't want Gary using (or at least not borrowing without his permission).
  • Sgt. Hatred trying to cheer Dean up (in "SPHINX Rising") and it actually looks like he's succeeding. He gets the wrong idea about a number of things, but one of his comments accidentally hits very close to Dean's actual issues and Dean appreciates it.
    Sgt. Hatred: Dean, growing up is hard; it's supposed to be. You're not like anyone. You're Dean… and you're the best Dean.
    Dean: Hmm. (smiles) That... almost helps.
  • In "SPYNX Rising" season 5, Doc shows a brief over protective father moment for Hank.
  • For a moment in "Venture Libre," Doc asks about Hank and Hatred says he's dead. Doc looks panicked until Hatred assured him that it was just his watch that was dead.
  • At the beginning of "Spanakopita," Rusty's slideshow shows a picture of Brock, Hank, and Dean cheerful together at the beach. It shows that Brock will always care for the boys even if he can't be with them, and it's really heartwarming that the possibly Ax-Crazy bodyguard has a soft spot.
    • How happy Rusty is while on the island is heartwarming in and of itself.
    • Brock's advice to Sgt. Hatred about Spanakopita. Strange as the festival seemed, Brock was also quick to point out that it was one of the only times a year where Dr. Venture was truly happy, and was adamant about Hatred backing off and letting the doctor have this. This gets an additional level of Heartwarming at the end of the episode when Giorgio confirms that Brock sussed out the truth behind Spanakopita (see below) fairly early on and has likewise played along with the charade for Rusty's benefit ever since.
    • The origin of the Spanakopita festival: Giorgio and a group of his associates were pirates who were looting the X-2 and accidentally took Rusty (who was hiding in a trunk at the time playing Trojan Horse). They initially held him for ransom, but after days of not being able to reach his father and of the boy crying, they took pity on him and Giorgio made up the festival of Spanakopita to make the kid happy, eventually forgetting all about the kidnapping. He's happily kept the charade up years later when he returned and every year since.
      • Though Jonas Sr. does partially redeem himself after the credits. He immediately sees through the charade but runs with it long enough for Rusty to be ushered out of the room with a head full of happy memories before brutally beating the people who obviously kidnapped his son.
      • Slightly lessened when you realize it probably had more to do with someone stealing from him, rather than it being his son. Still, it's by far his best actions as a father so far.
    • Billy heroically carrying White on his back! It's even mentioned in the DVD commentary as a nice Friendship Moment for them. It's also kind of impressive that Billy can carry White, who's pretty skinny but easily two feet taller than him. Kind of one of those moms lifting cars off their kids through sheer adrenaline-type moments. And White was already wrapped up against the sun, he could have left him behind and gone back for him later, but he didn't!
  • In O.S.I. Love You, Hatred tells Hank to protect his family and charges after Molotov Cocktease. Hank responds by using his strength suit to save Hatred from her with, "You kind of are my family, Uncle 'Vatred.'"
    • It's especially heartwarming since Hank initially resented Hatred, seeing him as a Replacement Scrappy for Brock.
  • In Momma's Boy, Dr. Venture's concern over his 'boys' when finding the stuffed bear, as well as his commitment to saving Ted.
    • His encounter with "Ted" definitely counts as this.
    • Dermott calling Dr. Venture "dad."
    • There's even a sweet brotherly moment between Hank and Dean when Hank cheers up Dean after discovering Myra isn't really their Mother.
    • Hatred continues to show concern for Dean, this time believing that he may be going through anorexia or some serious girl trouble. His concerns are completely wrong most of the time, but still, his heart is in the right place.
  • A small one, but in" O.S.I. Love You," Hank's strength suit is stolen and as a result, he has to retrain his muscles. Col. Gathers offers sympathies over the loss of his breasts. This is heartwarming considering he was threatening to shoot him earlier.
  • In "Bot Seeks Bot," when Brock sees Dr. Venture and Billy captured by Don Hell, his first instinct is to try to save them, despite not being the Venture's bodyguard for some time now, conducting his own separate mission, and surrounded by arches. Shore Leave physically has to hold Brock back to stop him from charging to the stage.
  • A few in the season 5 finale:
    • Hank realizing that the woman Action Man has been pining for is actually Billy's mom and arranging the two to be reunited.
    • Colonel Gentleman and Action Man becoming roommates. Even more so is that Billy's mom is coming along, suggesting that Billy might have the Action Man himself as a step-dad.
    • It's a small moment, but when Billy's mother (who thinks Billy and White are a couple) comments on how Billy described White as handsome to her, White's response ("You said I was handsome?") sounds genuinely touched. She also seems to be rather accepting of their "relationship" which is quite progressive for a woman who was concerned about Action man's adopted son being interested in Rock'n Roll.
    • When Sgt Hatred accidentally shoots the Flying Cocoon down, he tells Gary that even though he's angry at him for betraying him note  he still warns Gary to get to safety.
    • Dean finally tells Hank that they're clones. Hank is actually happy to hear this, saying it's all part of being a Venture. Dean smiles and accepts what he is. Even before they have that revelation, there's Hank expressing his concern for how down and upset Dean's been all year. You can tell he's really concerned about his brother.
      Hank: You've been a mess this whole year, man. You've gotta tell me what's eating ya."

     Season 6 
  • With the understandable exception of Sally (who's heartbroken by the loss) and Rusty (who's baffled at the choice of song), everyone smiling and humming along together with the Pirate Captain's rendition of "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" at Jonas Jr.'s funeral. Hey, it's what the man wanted.
  • Everything about The Monarch and Henchman 21's relationship in Season 6 is this. Without henchmen, a lair, and even an official arch, there's no boss-employee dynamic and the two have become legitimately best friends. In "Faking Miracles," When Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is haranguing The Monarch into attending a Guild party, all The Monarch wants to know is if 21 can come along.
  • Around this season White and Billy have notably started getting along way better than they did back in, say, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean," where White wouldn't even high-five Billy after spending a whole scene doing nothing and bossing him around. For instance, in "Faking Miracles", they just high-five walking past each other while presenting their inventions. In Season 1, White refused to high-five him apparently out of pure jerkitude, in Season 4 he only did after Billy complained about being left hanging, but now it just happens. And there's a lot of casual friendly touching between them, and in "A Party For Tarzan" White lets Billy fall asleep on his shoulder and holds his tie out of the way when he's drunk-puking in the toilet. They get along a lot better than back when White used to be the most useless, ungrateful roommate ever.
  • "Tanks for Nuthin'" has a number of incredibly sweet moments in it, from Dean buying flowers for his "Uncle Hatred" (still in the hospital from the last episode) to Brock starting to build a genuine relationship with Warriana.
  • "It Happening One Night" is this between Hank and his date Sirena.
    • The brothers' character growth. Sure, they're still pretty dorky, but can you imagine Season One Hank and Dean planning a date and it not blowing up in their faces?
  • A platonic I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me example in "Red Means Stop" when Red Death tells Monarch he's a big fan and has been following his work for some time. Monarch's honestly flattered that someone of higher standing in the villain community admires the way he arches.
    • More Fridge Heartwarming than anything, but the fact that even in a show where failure is an overarching theme, both villains and heroes can have a life after the adventure ends by simply confronting what frustrates them most. Red Death faced his frustrations in offing Dr. Cadmium, and was able to move on to a long, prosperous career in villainy, as well as a beautiful wife and raising a daughter.
  • Brock finally finds a woman he can have a steady relationship with as apposed to a fling or one-night stand. When he and Alexis/Warriana interact initially, saying there was Belligerent Sexual Tension would be an understatement. There initial bickering however seems to be due to the fact that they both really like each other. Under the affects of a mind affecting gas, Brock confesses his feelings for her with Flowery Prose that he never gave to either Molotov or Amber. Though after their first night together was awkward, later on Alexis comes to Brock's rescue and the two of them decide to become a couple. In spite of all Brock's womanizing, it's very much implied that his relationship with Alexis is more than just lust or having a tryst.
    Warriana/Alexis: Sorry if I was weird this morning.
    Brock: It's cool. I think this makes us even.
    Alexis: I'm just not one for pillow talk, you know? I-I've got a lot going on right now, what, with my career, my alter ego, my alter ego's career.
    Brock: Yeah, I kind of got a lot going on myself right now. That Think Tank guy just-
    Alexis: Whoa, whoa, Think Tank? Oh, do not even tell me that pompous son of a gorgon is messing with my man.
  • Doubles as a Funny Moment Hank buying Dean a real live Giraffe in "Hostile Makeover" because he knows how much he loves his stuffed giraffe "Mr Reach".
  • In "Red Means Stop" Rusty finally gets to throw a spectacular party like he tried in the previous episode (even though he wasn't expecting it.) It's always nice when Rusty gets to enjoy some positive attention.
  • Season 6, episode 8: Rusty finds the Guild and OSI members playing in his penthouse pool, enjoying themselves, and he seems to be getting mad... then he just decides to join in and make everyone cocktails. Atypically for this show, he seems happy to join in and enjoy himself - and, more surprisingly, so does everybody else!

     Season 7 
  • It's very short, but during "The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem", while the Venture's compound begins to get haunted, Brock sees that H.E.L.P.eR. is scared and tries to comfort him, then H.E.L.P.eR suddenly vomits out several rats.
  • The moment in 'The Curse of the Haunted Problem' when Jonas Sr. calls out his son's name in surprise after Team Venture explained what happened to him, Rusty is speechless and simply looks back at his Father's head with a smile, happy to be somewhat truly reunited with his father, the only other time he's ever looked that happy was during Spanakopita. All though this moment gets ruined when Pete swings an axe into the Problem nearly killing Jonas and destroying the building.
  • During the climax of "Arrears in Science", both Rusty and the Monarch are blasted out of the building and they clutch each other while falling, almost instinctively.
  • Action Man and Jonas were a menace to Rusty growing up. He still harbors huge grudges against both of them for their torment. The moment Rodney starts having a stroke, Rusty immediately starts to panic and tries to help get him to a hospital. For Jonas, after the man is killed finally, Rusty wishes he was still alive to see the Macy Day's parade. That being said, it's clear that Rusty isn't too broken up about his father dying. It's hard to blame him for it.
  • The fact that Red Death showed respect to Vendata as a villain, seeing as the other Guild villains would just make fun of him.
  • It's hard to notice due to everything else going on, but it's hinted the Blue Morpho, despite Dr. Venture's actions, loved his family very much. Such as being horrified that he was unfaithful to his wife rather than being worried about being found out, and even after Jonas slept with his wife, he still loved her and raised Malcom (The Monarch) as his own, even smiling when he sees him as an adult, settling his worries of his son's survival before dying. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • When Blue Morpho aka Vendata is having his talk with Jonas and calls him out for his actions, Blue Morpho saying "Sure, and your took Kano as payment for your 'Services'." Considering Kano entered a vow of silence for having to put his old partner down, that can at least say their relationship was mutually appreciated.
  • Victor Von Helping is a living Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. He’s an affable scientist who believes that science should be used to make the world a better place and is a member of Doctor Without Borders. Furthermore, as the son of a super villain, he relates to Dean’s insecurities due to his adventuring lifestyle and his doubts about super science. Instead of forcing him to take his classes as Rusty would have done, Victor offers Dean the most normal science class available so Dean can decide whether he wants to take the path of superscience or walk away. He also desires to make Dean comfortable in his class and goes berserk when the Monarch threatens one of his students. He also shows pride in Dean for stopping the Monarch in a nonviolent manner. Quite frankly, Victor is a far better father figure to Dean on his first appearance alone than Rusty has been on the entire series.
  • There's something oddly sweet about the Monarch affectionately saying "Hello!" to Dean while arching Victor. Combined with Funny Moments.
  • Stars and Garters singing to a comatose Think Tank.
  • While it could be taken as Rusty neglecting another of his kids, the fact that Rusty gave Dermott a letter of recommendation for the OSI is sweet. He's also expressed time and time again regretting Hank and Dean are stuck being Ventures, so it could be viewed as him attempting to protect Dermott from this life.
  • Dean telling his father, genuinely and for the first time ever seen in the show, "I love you" and the two embrace in a hug. Even Rusty is smiling and willingly reciprocating the hug, his expression only changing when he notices Dean is wearing sweatpants.
  • In "The Bellicose Proxy", Monarch stopped a fight between Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and OSI Agent Kimberly McManus, a fight which, according to Monarch, would've gotten Sheila booted off the Council of 13 if it had gone down. Monarch may have his obsession with Venture, but never let it be said that he doesn't look out for his own loved ones. The grateful, loving look Sheila gives him at the end of the episode sells it.
    Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Thanks, you saved my life.
    The Monarch: No, I saved your job, just saved that woman's life. You would've kicked… her… ass!
    • When Sampson asks if they should tell Billy and White that they hallucinated their awesome fight against St Cloud because of laughing gas, Rusty says "Never", implying that he wants them to have this.
    • In general, Rusty and Sampson helping Billy and White with their arching with Number 21 and Monarch doing the same with St Cloud. Rusty and Monarch didn't HAVE to do this but they do it to help one of their own.
  • “The Terminus Mandate” gives one to Action Johnny and Dr. Z. For his final arch, Z visits Johnny at a rehab facility, which shows that he’s trying to better himself. Also, Dr. Z offers to let him live with him, which he appreciates but states that it’s probably not the time, and that he’s okay with Z sending him some money every once in a while. In the end, they decide to have Z chase Johnny around for a bit playfully. For one, it’s nice to see Johnny in a better place, where he actually seems happy to partake in Z’s arch, as opposed to having a mental breakdown the first time he saw him in years. And second, Z actually acts quite fatherly to Johnny, by showing he cares about him enough to offer letting him stay with him, and respecting his wishes to take it slow, and even tells him I love you.
  • In "The Forecast Manufacturer", Hank hits his head and is left unconscious in a blizzard. To make matters worse, the person who finally finds him is Scare Bear. Fortunately, however… he picks Hank up, carries him to a gas station to buy food and finally to Dean's dorm in time to catch him in bed with Sirena.
    • During the game against Creep, Monarch and Gary are interrupted by a future version of Doc and Billy coming out of Grover Cleveland's time machine. However, given how Doc greets him amicably, by first name no less, it's implied that at some point in the near-future, the men will be on good terms.
  • When Gary is promoted to a level 4 villain, it first seems like Monarch is angry because the promotion is cutting into his own big day. Later he angrily reveals that he’s upset because the Guild is trying to take away his best friend the same way they took his wife away.
    • At the same time, Gary reveals he has no desire to climb the Guild ranks. All he wants to do is help his best friend arch Venture.
      • There is also the simple fact that after all this time and everything they have been through together, Monarch finally, verbally confirms that Gary isn't simply his henchmen: Gary really is his best friend. It truly shows just how far the two of them have come together.
  • "The High Cost of Loathing" shows that the Monarch and Sheila are once more in a loving, mutually supportive relationship, after their marriage was almost ruined by envy and deceit in Season 6. They really have resolved their differences.
  • Billy's "I feel like I'm six feet tall!" after getting to make fun of Brock for saying "pasketti". It's nice to see him get a little break in the middle of being treated like Rusty's Butt-Monkey all episode. And... especially since Billy is maybe about a quarter the size of Brock and has a lisp, you really understand the satisfaction he gets from teasing Brock Samson about talking like a five-year-old.

  • From the Christmas songs, there's Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's duet of "Fairytale of New York", especially when they sing about their dreams near the end.
  • Nicki Fictel's brief appearance during the Shallow Gravy special, talking about when Dermott was a kid, and would sing Spice Girls songs on the couch. Might seem like a sister just trying to embarrass her brother, but is rather heartwarming when you realize it's actually a mother reminiscing about her son. Especially since she mentions how adorable he was.
    • Rusty, after speaks gently of H.E.L.P.E.R's death in the same episode. He may a Jerkass, but don't say he doesn't care completely.
    "It was tragic… sure it was tragic but when you lose a family member. It's tough."
  • In A Very Venture Halloween there are actually two. The first is when Dr. Venture, after finding out that Dermott is his kid, starts treating him as his son. The second is at the end when Dean finds out that he and Hank are clones, which distressed him greatly, and he decides not to tell Hank.
    • Dean and Ben's entire chat. Ben tells Dean that he's a clone and when he (understandably) freaks out Ben assures him that he's still Dean and not some science project. Ben also states that Dr. Venture loved his sons so much that he refused to even let death take them away from him and started his cloning project in the first place as a way to protect them, comparing the whole process to "A band-aid for a really big boo-boo!"
    • There are two other in the special. The third would be Sgt. Hatred's devotion to the holiday (He bought full bars of chocolate for any trick or treater who made it past the compound's defenses) and Orpheus' master calling out every person at Orpheus' party for not heeding Orpheus' warnings of letting the party go out of control and raising zombies when there are children about and to that off, he calls Orpheus his favorite student in front of all them.
    • And right after that, Dr. Orpheus delivering what could be the first legit true meaning of Halloween aesop that does the holiday justice, being as thoughtful and meaningful as Christmas; Halloween is the night we discover who we are.
    • The opening, showing Halloweens past and present, and how the brothers keep trying to scare their dads, who take it all in stride. It's just so... nice seeing them act like a normal family.
  • "All This and Gargantua-2"
    • Even after all the crap Rusty gives him, JJ still leaves him his billion dollar business and headquarters in the epilogue.
    • Everything Dr. Mrs. The Monarch did to save the Monarch and Gary from getting to Gargantua-2, and that she succeeded with help from Watch and Ward. She even refers to her husband as the only thing in her life that's right. And conversely, The Monarch happily hugging her after Killinger heals her bullet-wound.
    • After Dean figures out how to manually reset Gargantua-2's shield, Rusty sincerely tells Dean how impressed he is.
    • The scene where Rusty goes to tell JJ off for putting him in a crappy room winds up becoming one of the only moments where Rusty and JJ truly bond. JJ starts by jumping into Rusty's arms (and Rusty, despite looking kind of weirded out, catches him) and saying that being in Rusty's arms feels like home. Rusty is kind of holding JJ at arm's length until JJ tearfully states that he is dying. Rusty's lip quivers for a moment and then he hugs his brother tightly to his chest. The scene is especially heartwarming because it's allowed to remain heartwarming, no jokes or gags come to ruin the touching moment. It's just a scene of genuine brotherly love between two brothers who haven't ever really been shown to get along previously.
      • Further exacerbated by the fact that JJ says that the reason he's dying is because he's found out that his organs aren't strong enough for him to exist outside of Rusty's body, and every last one of his organs is failing. It's not hard to believe that Rusty is so moved and upset by this because, in a way, Rusty believes that it's his fault somehow.
    • After sex with Amber Gold, she and Brock are shown to be watching Hank's music vid. After cooing with praise, Amber awes over this, and comments on Brock's evident "paternal pride." It's one of the many moments where we see the love Brock has for his family.
    • Ironically, JJ's funeral can be considered heartwarming. The pirate Captain is giving a eulogy then sings the song JJ requested("Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm" by The Crash Test Dummies), and by the end everyone is humming along. At the end of the epilogue it's revealed that despite Rusty's behavior JJ left him a multi-billion dollar industry and a base in New York, and Spider Skull Island to Sally Impossible with quite a sum as well.
    • Sally urging Richard to an escape pod with her could count. Even though she tell him it's for their son, Richard still seems touched.
    • Later at JJ's funeral Richard is there beside Sally, implying that this pulled him back over to the side of good.
    • A very tiny moment, but Billy's mom backing Hank's plan was kind of sweet.
    • There's also the fact that Rusty is willing to indulge a dying JJ in a statement of "Go Team Venture!", despite the fact that he has never done that throughout the whole series. As an added bonus, he doesn't do it with annoyance or anything, just with more of a "sure, what the hell" attitude. Later becomes a Tear Jerker when he does it again as JJ floats off into space.
    • During the funeral, Orpheus tells Dean that he saved his stuffed toy giraffe, as he knew how important it was to him.

Someone wrote into the online advice column, "Dear Prudence", under the guise of Hank. Instead of it going ignored, the writer gets a legitimately sincere answer;
Q: Dad has a clear favorite: For as long as I can remember, my dad has clearly favored my twin brother, “Dean,” over me. It’s a little bit ridiculous. All of his friends acknowledge it and joke about it. Our dad has always thought Dean to be the smarter one, encouraging him to study, go to college; taking him to internships; and talking about his bright future. He even shared his beloved record collection with only Dean. To me, he makes offhand comments about how menial labor might be what I’m destined for. How can I not let this affect my relationship with Dean, who actually is a great guy and asks for none of this?

A: I think it’s admirable that you want to maintain a good relationship with your brother despite years of painful and obvious favoritism, but I hope you don’t feel that you can only do this by minimizing or ignoring your sadness at being slighted. It may help to talk to Dean about this—not in a way that assigns blame to him, or that asks him to fix your father, but simply to acknowledge reality and be honest about how it makes you feel. It may also help you to say something to your father: “Dad, it hurts when you say that I’m destined for menial labor and spend a lot of time talking about Dean’s bright future. Please stop.”