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Heartwarming / The Usos

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  • Before winning the titles, the Usos declared in a WWE Magazine article that said victory would be dedicated to their family and fellow Samoans, first and foremost being their late uncle Umaga, the man who they seem to take after the most in their wrestling style. And then it happened on March 3rd in Chicago.
  • On the October 23rd episode of Smackdown, after beating AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, The Usos dedicate their win to their cousin, Roman Reigns (which had come after his leukemia announcement).
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  • On the 26 March 2019 Smack Down episode, Xavier Woods and Big E of The New Day were forced to compete in a Tag-team Gauntlet Match, with the stipulation that winning it will allow Kofi Kingston to battle Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 35. The Usos appeared as one of their opponents (their second-to-last, even, since Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan would have to fight after this) but they chose to forfeit the match, saying that Kofi already earned their respect, and wishing both Woods and Big E good luck for the last opponent.
    ''"Good luck uce! Cause we forfeit."

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