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Heartwarming / The Thin Man

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  • Nick being congratulated by his father at the end of Gone Home. He spends the whole film denying that he wants his father's approval of his chosen profession, but still literally pops a vest button at it.
  • A lot of Nick and Nora's Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moments double as this.
    • Notably in the first film, when Nora breaks their usual spatting partners badinage to sincerely tell Nick to be careful on an investigation.
    • Before that Nick assures her he's just going out to walk the dog so she won't worry about him.
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    • At the end of the first film, in sleeping car with two bunks, Nora asks Nick to put Asta in with her. Nick tosses Asta into the top bunk and climbs in with her himself.
    • Nora is annoyed that Nick knocks her out to fight a gunman because she wanted to watch him.
    • In After the Thin Man Nick is all but horrified to find he accidentally kissed a woman other than Nora during a New Year's party and promptly hunts after her to rectify the situation.

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