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Heartwarming / The Super Hero Squad Show

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  • Watching Reptil in "This Al Dente Earth!" give up his Dinosaur powers which were caused by a fossilized fractal, long story. The kid was a real trooper about the whole deal. It's even more heartwarming when he discovers he can still use his powers without the fractal.
  • While it was do to a few miscommunications, Magneto (who, keep in mind, has never really been a top choice for a "father of the year" award) and Quicksilver trying to "rescue" Wanda from being "held prisoner" by the Super Hero Squad was kind of nice.
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  • Magneto and Scarlet Witch hugging at the end of the Bad Future episode.
  • This exchange from "Mother of Doom".
    Thor: I'll make you proud, father.
    Odin: You already have.
  • Despite the show mainly being humorous, this one scene near the end of the last episode is nice.
    Iron Man: Surfer please, we all know it was the sword corrupting you.
    Silver-Surfer: Totally, still I must pay for my crimes.
    Iron Man: Totally, but when you've done your time. You'll have a place on the Super Hero Squad to come back to.
    • The best part comes at the end when the heroes do the roll-call, and Silver Surfer is right there with all the others. D'awww.

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