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Heartwarming / The Strex Family

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  • The very existence of the blogs. No one fought over it. No one started a Flame War despite how easy it would have been. They all just became a family together.
  • Sergio and Stella being Happily Married, even if it is somewhat of an Unholy Matrimony.
    • Their future kids Balder, Thor, Loki, and Luci.
  • One of the pictures of Diego and Kevin has Kevin hugging Diego and saying “He’s not actually evil, he is very cute.”
    • There was also an ask on the same blog where it was agreed that Diego interrupted corporate meetings to say things like “I would just like to point out that Kevin is very precious, carry on.”
  • Whenever anyone brings up Santiago’s transition, it’s generally agreed that he was very worried about it and all anyone else cared about was making sure his clothes fit and, in Jezebel’s case, that he kept his Rapunzel Hair.
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  • The poetry anon. While most anons aim for humor with their visits, one chose instead to create two original characters and send short poems to the various owners. When Sergio's mun took it as an invitation to roleplay, the poetry anon went with it, and their almost-nightly poetry slams can be followed as a regular RP.
  • "I would like to draw your attention to the way Luciano talks about Walter." Oh, Luc...
  • Ciro, the generally-considered-annoying youngest member of the Sorriso Family, has a fangirl, and draws then sends them pictures including a "signed photo" of Ciro.
  • While it's mostly a Tear Jerker, The Beginning of the End is somewhat heartwarming because of how clear it is that Diego cares about his little sister and doesn't want to kill her in the slightest.
  • Diego's reaction to someone asking what he would do if he had one more day with Kevin.
    Diego: I...anything. Anything he wanted. I would take him to all of his favorite restaurants, buy him all the frozen yogurt he could possibly ask for, let him drive my car out of town to play in the sand he loves so much...
    I would tell him I loved him. I would tell him over and over and over and I wouldn't stop, because I'll be damned if he goes back wherever he is now without knowing that he is, and always will be, my everything.
  • Divina and her husband Kevin are actually a couple offline as well.
    • As are Diego and Christopher, although this one is slightly less heartwarming given the nature of that particular relationship...

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