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Heartwarming / The Shield

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    The TV series 

    The Wrestling Stable 
  • After winning the match against Evolution at Payback, Reigns, who was subjected to some of the worst beatings (at one point, he had all three members of Evolution taking turns with kendo sticks on his bare back), immediately goes to check on Rollins and Ambrose.
  • Anything involving Reigns and his daughter.
  • Ambrose putting over both Rollins and Reigns equally following his victory over them in the Shield Triple Threat at Battleground 2016. In fact, any time he recalls on the promise made between the three of them that, whether as running mates or as enemies, "we're gonna own this business." At the heart of it all, with all the twists and turns and differences and personal issues, stands an oath of dominance between three hungry competitive men — and Dean is continually all too aware of it.
  • When they reunited in 2017, the promo started with Reigns, then Ambrose and then Rollins came out to stand with him. It says something that Rollins came out last, but the other two showed no reservations about having their backs to him after how the Shield broke up- they're fully united, and they trust each other.
  • The 11/20/17 Raw saw Reigns toppling the Miz as Intercontinental Champion, with Rollins and Ambrose running Miztourage interference and hitting the ring to celebrate with him after. Double heartwarming is Ambrose's sheer happiness at Reigns matching his Grand Slam Champion status, a fact he had to remind Reigns of in the ring.
  • During Raw's invasion of Smackdown in retaliation for the latter's invasion of Raw earlier in the week, The Usos came out to help The New Day only for them to come face-to-face with Roman. Rollins and Ambrose immediately attacked them so Roman wouldn't have to attack his cousins.


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