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  • Crash's One Hot Minute Review is a shining example of defending an album he feels was unrightfully hated and talks glowingly about, even happy to know it's become Vindicated by History.
  • Past Crash's speech in TOP 10 BEST NU METAL BANDS, where one shouldn't always focus on the very negative sides of music genres, as those that were good will live on regardless of the reception of said genre, which is in this case, the nu metal genre. It's actually pretty nice that Crash gave Nu Metal the benefit despite the negative reception the genre gets.
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  • His video on Chester Bennington's suicide and urging fans to seek help if they feel depressed. He also states that while he hates One More Light, he still loves Linkin Park and gives his earnest condolences and respect to Chester.
  • There's a part towards the end of his review of Weezer's Everything Will Be Alright in the End where Crash hears the closing track "Return to Ithaka". He'd already concluded that the album was by far the best one that the band had released in years, upon hearing this song he is awestruck. At first all he can do is listen in amazement and say "It's beautiful..." but in the last minute of the song, Crash takes off his jacket (revealing a Weezer shirt underneath) grabs his guitar and rocks out with them. It ends with him flying behind his sofa, and him quietly lifting his lighter into the air and saying:
    "Guys...everything really did turn out alright in the end.
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  • His "BEST & WORST ALBUMS OF 2014" video gave a beautiful slate for the Number 1 spot being Against Me!'s Transgender Dysphoria Blues, where he glowingly praises Laura Jane Grace's writing and her transitioning, even stating the album made him cry, which is a rarity for him. He further praises how the album could be a glimmer of home for a young transgender person who may come across Transgender Dysphoria Blues and be hopeful and inspired by Laura's journey. It's hard not to get the feels!

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