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Heartwarming / The Ring

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Heartwarming moments in The Ring.

  • You know, even though Sadako is basically a Draco in Leather Pants on 4chan with the cute-ified drawings of her and all that, in a way it's actually kinda sweet how Sadako finally got the acceptance she always wanted.
  • The moment Ring 0, when Sadako and Toyama mouth "I love you" to each other through a pane of glass. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when you consider what eventually happens to Sadako... not to mention that she kills Toyama while in full-on "evil" mode.
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  • The moment in the first film when Ryuji comforts Reiko on the boat by silently holding her, and the moment in the first US film when Noah kisses Rachel towards the end. Again, both of these moments double as Tear Jerkers when you consider that both couples will never be able to resume their romances, as Ryuji and Noah become victims of Sadako and Samara.
  • Many moments with Yoichi (except for when he's a little scarier in Ring 2). He's just such a sweet kid.
  • Despite Rachel and Noah not being together as wife and husband, they still have a caring relationship with each other, and they are both devoted parents to Aiden.