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Heartwarming / The Replacements (2000)

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  • While the strikers are harassing Brian Murphy (who's deaf), Shane Falco shows the first major sign of team solidarity by standing up to them, despite the fact that they're professional athletes. The solidarity quickly skyrockets from there as the entire team gets involved in a Bar Brawl with the strikers, and even though they all end up in jail, they're still enjoying themselves and acting like a team. So much so that even Coach McGinty is impressed when he comes to bail them out.
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  • Likewise, the team's farewell toast to Falco when he announces that Martel crossed the picket line and so his own time as their quarterback is seemingly over, the other players unanimously recognizing Shane as The Heart of their team.
  • While calling a play during their final game, Shane turns to Danny Bateman, who has reliably carried the ball every time he's been handed it. Bateman refuses, insisting that Shane give the ball to Wilkinson, a man for whom Bateman has shown nothing but contempt because he's a convicted felon. Knowing that Wilkinson's work release with the team is going to end the moment the strike is over, Bateman willingly offers Wilkinson a last chance at glory.
    Falco: "Okay, Danny..."
    Bateman: (interrupting) "Better give it to Wilkinson." (everyone in the huddle stares at him in shock; he shrugs) "He's going to jail."
    (Wilkinson lifts his helmet in disbelief)
    Bateman: I'll clear the way.
    Wilkinson: ...right behind you! (Fist bump)
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  • Nigel confesses that he has to miss a potential game-tying field goal or else the mafia will take away his pub. Falco takes a third option by turning field goal into a fake, so the mafia can't blame Nigel for them losing money on the game, and thus can't take away his pub.
  • It's well hidden but it's there. After Coach McGinty orders Clifford Franklin to cheat to catch the ball, his mental block is broken. He makes three or four catches after that on his own, all of points from which stay on the board. With the right coaching team he's become the complete package.
  • On the last play, Shane Falco forgives Fumiko for his holding penalty that negated the previous touchdown, then decides to share the final play with Brian Murphy, perfectly signing the play to him, then hitting him for the game-winning touchdown.

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