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Heartwarming / The Ranch

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  • The morning after Colt gets drunk and humiliates himself and his family in front of the high school football team, Beau has a heart-to-heart talk with his son. Beau explains that when he was 22 years old, he returned from the Vietnam War with no idea of what he wanted out of life; the only thing he knew was how to be a soldier and now he wasn't one anymore. So he worked the family ranch until he could figure things out. When Beau's father died, he took over the property work and realized his true calling: he was a rancher. Beau then says hopes he's still alive to see it when Colt figures out his own life.
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  • After Heather talks to Beau about being in 4H, the old man begins taking a liking to her, which surprises Colt because his dad is so difficult to impress. A few minutes later, Heather tells Colt about her accomplishments as a rodeo cowgirl. In this scene, you can actually witness Colt's opinion of Heather begin to change. Before that, he viewed Heather as nothing more than a pretty face and a nice body. But afterwards he begins to look at her as a potential romantic partner.
  • In the episode "Down the Road"
    • Beau buys back the championship ring that Colt sold in the series premiere for money to help with the Ranch.
    • In the same episode, Maggie pledges to donate 10% of the bar's sales to the victims of the Animas River spill.
  • In "Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are)"
    • Beau finally tries on Colt's Uggs and finds them really nice and comfortable. So, for Christmas, Colt buys him a pair. While his mother and brother scoff at this and Beau gives a salty response, he gives his son a smile and thumbs up as thanks.
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    • Right after that, Beau gives his gift to Colt: a hug and saying that he loves his son. Colt openly states he must hold back tears while embracing his father.

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