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     The Predespair Kids 
  • Junko Enoshima of all people, standing in for Taka who was too embarrassed to hand over his love confession to Mondo on Valentine's Day. She even admitted later she was doing it genuinely, and not for any ulterior purposes.
  • Everyone accepting Toko despite it being revealed she's a serial killer.
  • Junko Enoshima, when asked if she gave the girls makeover, says this:
    Junko: I think all my girls look pretty awesome the way they are now.
  • Kyouko comforting Mukuro and calling her a friend after she'd reached her Rage Breaking Point due to anon harassment.
  • Taka allowing Chihiro to catch up to the finish line in the fourth round of The Hope Games, risking his own advancement. Sayaka comforting Chihiro shortly after their team is eliminated ends up having the same effect.
  • After all the chaos of the sixth round of The Hope Games, Teruteru cooking for everyone.
  • The phone call with Taka's dad Takaaki, accepting his son completely for being in love with Mondo.
  • Makoto taking Kyouko out on a loving date in his best efforts to make her feel better after everything she had to deal with during the sixth round.
  • Sonia defending Mikan from an anon's harassment and telling her that she is loved by all her schoolmates, including Hiyoko.
    • Really though, while a lot of the asks the characters get range from ridiculous to mean, many of the asks Mikan receives are very sweet and uplifting, including one where someone asked her to smile more often because she has a really nice smile.
  • Taka completely forgiving Mukuro for pushing him into his Heroic BSoD, saying in spite of it all he believes she has a good soul. This seemed to be a key moment in her Heel–Face Turn.
  • The final round of the Hope Games, where Mondo picks Taka up on his shoulders due to his sprained ankle so they can both make it across the finish line. When Earth & Stone do cross, they congratulate each other heartily while Sakura comforts Hina saying she wouldn't have wanted to play through the games with anyone else; this ends up making Hina cry.
  • Sakura responding to Hina's love confession saying she can't return those feelings, but still thinks of Hina as a precious friend.
  • Byakuya jumping to the defense of his classmates over any despair-obsessed anons.
    • And the fact that he stands by everything he said to Celeste, even after it's revealed she was the one who killed Hiyoko and Yasuke.
  • Sonia and Kazuichi separately doing their best to help Gundam make sense of his feelings for both of them.
  • Makoto immediately accepting Chihiro after he shares the truth about his gender.
  • Taichi and Hiroko both have great moments showing what loving parents they are.
  • In a meta way, some of the anons telling Hina that she is loved and they're grateful she's around. For context, these asks came right after the airing of the third episode of the future arc in Danganronpa 3 (it's revealed in the episode that Hina was not actually killed). She doesn't fully understand, but promises that she's not going anywhere.
    • A similar thing happened after Kyoko's apparent death in the anime.
    • And again with Chiaki after her death.
  • The fact that Mikan was actually trying to find a way to save Junko from despair. Even if she didn't realize it was a lost cause, she was still trying to save everyone in this scenario, even if meant nobody would forgive her or trust her afterward.
    • And then there's Junko letting Mikan go once her ruse is broken. You'd think this would be her trying to get Mikan to feel despair from nobody trusting her after the incident, but she actually encourages her to talk to Hajime and advises her to keep being herself, since it's what people like about her.
  • Teruteru vouching for Mikan when she explains why she pretended to side with Junko. Since he knows the habits of every girl in the school better than anyone, he knows she's being genuine.
  • Despite him feeling like an outsider with his lack of talent, the vast majority of the students consider Hajime a friend. Even Byakuya and Hiyoko both place him leagues above most of the others.
  • Sakura helping Rina overcome her own self-doubt and finally feel free to accept herself.
    • This happened again when Mod J was feeling stressed due to lots of school work and many people messaged him telling him that it was OK to take a break if he needed to catch up on schoolwork.
  • Kyoji/Mr. Otashi's interactions with Mikan are full of these moments. He transfers from the Reserve building to Main Course so he can defend her from the faculty's suspicions around her over the incident on the roof, compliments her on her extensive knowledge in medicine and considers the two of them very similar due their harsh backgrounds that spurned their interest in the subject. While she's quick to put herself down, he says she spends too much time criticizing herself for her flaws and doesn't give herself nearly enough credit for her strengths, that she's much better than she thinks she is and he'd like to help her see that. All Mikan can really do is blush furiously.
    • He's also quick to clear up any suspicion surrounding her following Hiyoko and Yasuke's murders and offers to stay by her side her during the autopsies.
    • And when the time comes to present their data and find the killer, he takes her hand.
    Mr. Otashi: Ms. Tsumiki, no matter the outcome of this situation...*reaches down and gently holds her unbandaged hand*...I'm right here for you.
    Mikan: R....right. I’ll t-trust you....
    • And now we know why he's so dedicated to protecting her and trying to motivate her: he's trying to make up for not being there for her when she was being bullied in elementary school, aside from one encounter where he got seriously hurt. Part of the reason he came back to Hope's Peak in the first place was so he could have the chance to make it up to her.
    • And Mikan actually remembers him from that one incident. In fact, according to Junko, it's because of her childhood memory of him that she was able to resist despair. She still had hope that, maybe someday, Kyoji would forgive her for what happened.
  • Sonia and Kazuichi comforting Gundam following Hiyoko's murder.
  • There's something weirdly adorable about Karma teasing Junpei, even after it's revealed he's a Remnant of Despair.
  • Just seeing the way Peko and Rina's friendship grows, from the latter asking for sword training to them promising to look out for one-another during the dual murder investigation. She even gets Peko to smile, which she doesn't do very often.
    Peko: Ah...I suppose I really have made a ‘friend’.
    • Later, Rina makes her a present.
    Rina: I-I was looking for you! I-I made something for you earlier when I went to go change! Y-You don't have to wear them if you don't want to or think they're gross or something though... But, here. *she hands her the bag* I-I made hair-ribbons from sheep wool and a bit of string.
    Rina: Y-Yeah! For a bit of luck on your exam! *awkwardly smiles* B-But like I said, you don't have to wear them... I just wanted to make you a little something... cause, y'know, we're friends and all...
    Peko: ....Then I shall treasure it dearly.
  • Though it's seen from Junpei's cynical and annoyed point of view, it's still sweet seeing the members of Class 79 and the other named anons bond during lunchtime.
  • In a way, the fact that Kyoji has every single dead student's name engraved into his arm. He refuses to forget any of them, including Celeste.
    Kyoji: The worst thing you could ever do is passively accept evil and injustice. I will never stand by as a passive observer again.
  • Gundham promising Sonia that he won't let the despairs hurt anyone after she reveals that she believes she knows who one of the remnants is.
  • Rogue and Kyoji both separately doing their best to convince Karma that she's not alone.
  • Chihiro deciding to return to school in time for the practical exams. Why? He doesn't want his friends to have to face Ultimate Despair while he stays at home and does nothing.
  • Junpei admits he care what would happen to Karma, before He realises what he said and runs away
  • Overlapping with Tear Jerker, for her practical exam, Mage made a gingerbread replica of Hope's Peak, complete with edible figures of all the students, including angel-like figures of Hiyoko, Yasuke, and even Celeste.
  • The cute Headcanons pepole come with:
    • Souda buys ice cream for Gundham in summer because his scarf is super hot but he has to wear it for the devas.
    • Miaya really likes hugs, but is too shy to ask for them.
    • One of the first things Karma bought for herself was a Pikachu plush because it was one of the only things that she enjoyed in her childhood that is still relevant now.
    • One of the biggest displays of affection for Kirigiri is holding her hands.
    • Sonia sends Mikan a nice, uplifting message every day.
    • Juzo always cries at the end of Toy Story 3.
    • Koichi always takes Naomi to her favorite restaurant whenever she feels down or upset or its an occasion. It's just one of the smaller things he does for her.
    • Mondo is frequently carrying Chihiro on his shoulders.
    • Kyoji always takes injured birds he finds and heals them.
    • Mage made Karma a shit ton of 90's snacks for Karma's birthday. They were delicious and Karma still has some saved from then. They're a comfort food of sorts for her.
  • Mahiru's presentation for the practical exams: a memorial collage for Hiyoko. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
    Mahiru: I...lost a good friend this year, so I wanted to honor her memory by having all the pictures i had taken of her put into one big collage for everyone to see. It’s her at her best. Not many people really saw it...But there was a lot of good in her, even if she didn’t showcase it a lot. Hiyoko Saionji...deserved better than this. So I want to always honor her memory, as long as I’m around...My photos here are supposed to tell a story of a girl…about how she lived, and how she was part of a group...And how it isn’t the same without her.
  • Kyoji arriving just in time for Mikan's presentation and giving her a smile and a thumbs up.
  • While it's mostly sad and terrifying, there are quite a few moments of this during The Fall of Hope's Peak.
    • After Junko says him dying would just make it easier for Mikan and Miaya to fall into despair, what's Kyoji's response?
    Junko: Witty comeback?
    Kyoji: Not this time. But if you think I’d ever let the two most important girls in my life fall into despair, you clearly haven’t done enough research on me.
    • Yasuke denies everything Junko told Ryouko, admitting that he cared about her, even if he didn't show it, and he even tells her that he loves her. And he decides to spare her from what would likely be a worse death at Junko's hands. The whole time, he's apologizing, even in his own mind.
    • Peko refuses to leave the school without Fuyuhiko or Rina.
    • "The Nurse" is one massive Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming for Mikan. She's gone from a timid, unconfident Shrinking Violet who Apologizes a Lot out of fear of being hated to a truly Badass Pacifist who refuses to let Kyoji or his allies kill anyone, reasoning that violence will not solve violence and that there has to be a better solution to stopping the despairs. And turns out he agrees with her; he just wanted to see how far she's come.
    • Kyoji promises her that he and his allies won't kill anyone; the toxins in his bombs are just designed to simulate injuries. Then he tells her that the school isn't going to be safe much longer and there's still going to be a lot of injured people who'll need her help.
    Kyoji: Who else is going to be there to save them? Who else is going to find a better way to stop the despairs? Who else is going to be there to make the world better? Mikan, we need you. I need you.
    • While his Love Confession is interrupted, he does give her a Now or Never Kiss and asks her to be careful while he goes off on his own.
    • Nagito finally confesses his feelings for Hajime... to himself, as he lay dying. A cruelly subverted heartwarming moment.
    • Even as a remnant of despair, Kazuichi can't bring himself to hurt Sonia, and his last wishes are that she and Gundam make it out alive.
  • Kyoji runs into Junpei one last time. While he does make it clear that he blames Junpei for what happened, he advises him to find any surviving students he can and keep them alive if he's really sorry about what happened, and even wishes him luck as they part ways.
    • A similar situation happens with Karma, who wishes Junpei good luck, even giving him a kiss and promising to protect his best friend if she finds him.
  • And in a show of gratitude, Junpei gives Mikan his badge to protect her from the Monokumas and also gives her directions on how to get to the roof. She arrives just in time as the other survivors escape and is reunited with Kyoji.
  • Karma and Orichi Kamisaka defending Junpei after the surviving members of Class 79 blame him for the Fall of Hope's Peak.
    • And later, we see they've forgiven him and they tell him he doesn't have to keep blaming himself.
  • Makoto and Kyoko's discussion after their arrival at the Future Foundation's island headquarters.
     The Despair Kids 
  • When asked how she feels about Maverick, Miaya said the following:
    Miaya: …………”As much as I don’t like him. Even if he does the most despicable things to people…even if it’s because of him that I’m like this”……”I can’t help but worry about him. He was still my classmate.”…”I don’t know what he’s doing, but I hope he’ll stay safe.”…
    • Of course, considering in Maverick's last appearance, he implied he planned on killing all his former classmates, so the feeling is likely not mutual...
  • Mikan has nothing but kind words for Seiko. It's really sweet knowing the two of them have been getting along well.
    • Hina also mentions that she's never seen Mikan smile more than she does when she's around Kyoji.
  • The reunion with Class 79.
    • Rina wears bandages on her arms and legs in memory of Sakura, who helped her finally accept herself for who she is.
    • Sly went back to the ruins of Hope's Peak to look for Ryouko, only to find out she'd been killed and Junko had left a note behind detailing everything. He tells Mukuro that, even if Ryouko was a clone, she was still family in a way and was ultimately her own person in the end.
  • Junpei comforting Karma after her emotional breakdown.
  • Before they set out on a mission to find a way to reverse Sadao's brainwashing, Kyoji asks that Kyoko and the others carry on the mission to Towa City should they not return. She's quick to shoot him down, saying that No One Gets Left Behind no matter what.
    • And when he asks that she ensure Mikan and Miaya both survive the Tragedy should anything happen to him, she gives her word as both a detective and his friend.
  • Orochi and Junpei met for the first time when Junpei saved Orochi from pepole that bullied him about his sexuality. Orochi still adores him on it.
    Orochi:(Speaking to Karma) You know…I think we’re lucky to have Yo-chan around. *Smiles softly* I’m…I’m really happy I met him…I want to stay by his side for as long as I can. (So, unfortunately…that’ll mean you’ll have to lose our competition. But I can’t let you win, no mater what…Yo-chan…Junpei…Junpei’s too important to me.)
  • Kobo, of all people, stepping in and saving Kyoji from a deranged and misinformed Sayaka, not only because he believes Kyoji is a good guy and refuses to stand by, but because the whole situation was scaring Nagata. And he was not about to have that.
  • While Sly is reading through Ryouko's old notebook, he finds entries where she talked about him very fondly, saying he has a good heart. The final entry, before the Fall of Hope's Peak, is of her wishing the riots would end soon so she can take Sly out for ice cream. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Kyoji hugging Mikan, telling her she's important to him. Nothing but a show of genuine affection.
  • During Naomi and Karma's talk, Naomi calls Karma 'dear', and Karma answers that's how they imagines a mother would talk. Later, Naomi does her best to comfort Karma when the latter's talking about How they shot Akane.
  • Kumi's reunion with Leon.
  • When Nakashima says he's leaving the island, Miaya intervenes, saying he'll face some serious repercussions for doing so without permission. He goes on to remark that his life shouldn't mean that much to anyone, and even admits that he's dying and nothing can be done to prevent it, shooting down all of Miaya's contradictions. She then proceeds to give him an Armor-Piercing Slap and tells him his life is just as valuable as anyone else's in Future Foundation...then realizes she may have stepped out of line and apologizes for hitting him.
  • It's a subtle one, but if you pay attention, you'll notice that Junpei and Kyoji both refer to Chihiro as the gender neutral "Fujisaki-San." Even if he's become a despair, it seems they've still chosen to respect his secret.
  • One of the regular anons ensures Taichi that the Future Foundation will find a way to save Chihiro from despair.
  • Kin is an vengeful, hate-fueled, emotional wreck after everything Maverick did, Miaya decides to pay her a visit. Kin is not so inviting at first, but Miaya still tries to reach out to her. She even speaks to Kin normally, something she never does with anyone besides Kyoji. She also doesn't say Kin is wrong or try to talk her out of her mindset. Instead, she offers Kin the chance to help out in the 7th branch.
  • Karma and Sonia bonding over their shared love of Boys Love dramas.
  • Kyoji and Miaya's late-night conversation after the party, complete with plenty of Ship Tease.
  • Speaking of Ship Tease, when asked what kind of guy could meet her high standards, Mahiru admits that Hajime had met a few.
  • Mekuru hanging out with the Abotox, who she refers to as "Abby" is weirdly sweet.
  • Karma's Odd Friendship with Sadao, from when they bond during Yuuko's game to him offering to rid Karma of their murderous impulses via hypnosis. It makes his eventual murder all the more heartbreaking.
  • Tamiko is a walking heartwarming moment. First of all, she's adorable. Second, she bonds quite a bit with Mikan, even calling her Big Sis. While many of the other characters are either hard at work or trying to get over the shock of past/current events, what do these two do? Play Snakes and Ladders together.
    • Extra points when we learn Daisuke is not only Tamiko's adoptive father, but actually her biological one as well. He was only 14 when she was born, but he later took full responsibility for her care.
  • Naomi and Karma becoming a couple. Afterward, the two end up becoming borderline Sickeningly Sweethearts
  • After spending several weeks avoiding her, Kyoji decides to talk to Ryouko. She isn't angry, hurt, or even sad. She's just a little confused and curious about what she is. When she admits she feels a little lonely without a family of her own, Kyoji elaborates that since Miaya provided the egg cell that created her, that would make her Ryouko's mom. Since Kyoji is the one who did the most work in creating her, that would also make him her dad. And she's completely alright with this.
  • After Nakashima's reveal as a Despair and subsequent departure from the Foundation, Hina helps Akagawa by getting her to leave her room, and defending her from some harassers. She's still as dedicated to her friends as ever.
  • Orochi helping Malcom out of his Despair Event Horizon after Nakashima revealed himself as a Despair and aided in the murder of Sadao Irunami, and then left Future Foundation.
    Orochi: The hurt will happen…it always does. But…I’m sure things will work out for you. You don’t look like you’d ever wrong anyone, which…is rare for me to say about a person. I want things to end in your favour.
    Malcom: Thanks. I needed that.
  • Rina and Kobo wishing Ryuu luck when he tells them he won't be coming back from the mission in Hokkaido and Rina promising that'll they'll have a big group hug when they see each other again.


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