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Heartwarming / The Philip DeFranco Show

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  • Phil, in this video, telling people who are bully victims how they can turn their weaknesses into strength.
  • Phil proposing to Lindsay, his longtime girlfriend on stage.
  • People who have seen Phil's "Draw My Life" video have seen that at one point, Phil stopped going to college and his dad kicked him out, as part of the agreement for him staying was he went to school again. They seem to have fixed all differences.
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  • The November 19th, 2015 episode was pulled down by a copyright claim which was a result of Phil covering a story about a YouTube prankster being exposed as a fraud. The resulting backlash led to the claim being revoked and the video reinstated, which in turn led to Phil opening the next Monday episode with a thank you of support for his fans and reinstating his comments on how easily YouTube's Copyright Claim service can be abused by those who cannot take criticism.
  • May 25, 2016: Phil covers YouTubers H3h3 Productions being sued by fellow Tuber MattHossZone for a frivolous copyright claim because H3h3 reacted to and criticized one of Hoss' videos and were even extorted. Phil noted H3h3 could lose $100,000 in legal fees even in a victory. To help H3h3 along, Phil set up a GoFundMe to cover the legal bills and started with $5,000 of his own money. Within 24 hours, the Nation met the $100,000 goal and several big names helped with the cause ($10,000 from The Fine Brothers, $8,179 from Markus Persson, $4,000 from Garry Newman, $4,000 from Markiplier, $2,500 from Michael Green, $2,500 from Keemstar, $2,000 from PewDiePie, $2,000 from Jacksepticeye, $1,420 from Kwebbelkop, $1,250 from Vabble Platform, $1,000 from Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell, $1,000 from Leafy Is Here, $666 from Jake Roper, $500 from Luna, $500 from Scarce, $500 from Alex of I Hate Everything, $500 from boogie2988, $500 from Matthias, $200 from Jenna Marbles, etc.)


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