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Heartwarming / The One

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Unmarked Spoilers below.

  • The ending with Gabe falling in love all over again with an alternate version of his wife in an another universe the very same way he did in his: bringing a helpless, injured dog (who'll eventually become theirs) into the vet clinic she worked at.
    Gabe: My grandfather taught me the energy of life goes in a circle, in a perfect flow; balanced. He said, until I find my center, my circle would never be whole. That day, I first saw her [TK] in the clinic, I came in with a dog that was hit by a car. I knew right away she was my center.
  • On top of that, Funsch managing to send Gabe to the Sugar Bowl Crystal Spires and Togas Universe as a token for helping the MVA subjugate Yulaw, giving him a chance to lead a good life rather than being jailed in his home universe.

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