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Heartwarming / The Non-Bronyverse

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  • Despite having just had all his hopes of returning to Earth crushed, TD makes a point of reassuring Apple Bloom - who just watched him take out his anger on much of his house, reducing her to tears - telling her that she and her classmates have been one of the only things keeping him sane the past few weeks.
  • Bon Bon talking Lyra out of her Human Fetish after she kidnaps TD.
    • Although it's implied in the last few lines that she was faking.
  • The various You Are Not Alone moments throughout the stories.
  • TD's eventual realization of how much he cares for Cheerilee.
    • Similarly, his eventual friendship and romance with Celestia in TD the Alicorn Princess.
  • Cheerliee and TD getting married, and eventually adopting a foal.

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