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Heartwarming / The Nice Guys

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The kid in the opening scene taking his off his pyjama jacket to cover Misty's near naked dead body.
  • After the final climatic battle, March looks at his hand again. In an earlier scene, he'd written (presumably after his life fell apart) "You will never be happy." But after everything, the marker smeared off in some spots, leaving it saying, "You will be happy." and he smiles.
    • On that note, March relaxes against a car, lighting up a cigarette. His internal monologue has him celebrating with this line: "Sometimes you just win."
  • At first the introduction of Holly's upcoming birthday seems like an easy setup for Holland March being a hapless slob and disappointing her, at best a Not-So-Forgotten Birthday scenario — but even at his worst, Holland does remember and one of the next scenes opens on him chaperoning her birthday party himself. He might be an alcoholic mess who's none too refined but he really does care about Holly, and it's shown by what he does do, not just what he tries to make up for.
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  • It's a brief, likely instinctual moment, but Amelia puts herself between Holly and Blue for a moment when the assassin catches up to them after they flee the party.
  • When Mrs. Glenn finds out that Misty really was killed, Holly confidently assures her (speaking for her father, more or less) that they're gonna bring down the ones who did it.
  • Sid Shattuck letting Amelia stay at his house while there's a killer after her hints there might be a bit more to his character than a hedonistic porn magnate.
  • The ending scene. While the two of them are disappointed that part of their efforts were thwarted by systematic problems, the 2 are now partners, and both much happier with their lots in life.
  • A bartender who Healy roughs up for information still shows concern for the two detectives and warns them about the dangerous-looking people who are upstairs.
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  • The friendship between Holly and Healy, particularly when he doesn't kill John Boy at her insistence.