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Heartwarming / The New Scooby-Doo Movies

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  • The celebrities and other characters that Scooby and the gang meet over the course of the show are so willing to help four teenagers (and a dog) they just met, that it just seems very sweet when you really get down to it.
    • In the first episode featuring The Three Stooges, after Velma goes missing, the guys seemed just as concerned as the rest of the gang, and Moe was the first of them to point out that they should make sure that Velma's okay.
  • In "The Frickert Fracas", Jonathan Winters offers to give his farmer friend, Maude Frickert, the money to start her own line of chicken restaurants. Though Maude obviously appreciates the offer, she politely declines it, explaining that she'd rather come up with the money on her own.

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